How to enjoy Maui when you’re stuck at home

Since most of the planet is currently in self-isolation, we’ve decided to do something a little different this month for the blog.

Instead of encouraging you to visit the Hawaiian Islands, we’re going to help you enjoy it from the comfort of wherever you’re sheltering in place.

Enjoy some of our best content from almost 6 years of the Sunny Maui Vacations blog.

Without further ado, here we go!

Is Maui truly the best? We say yes.

Ever wonder where the expression Maui nō ka ‘oi — “Maui is the best” — comes from? “Some marketing genius” is not a bad guess, but it’s actually somewhere much more interesting.

Maui nō ka ‘oi dates back to ancient Hawaiian chants called mele ho‘o‘ike‘ike, which often invoked some bragging as to whose island is the best. This tradition carried on to the 1800s with songwriters and poets who — finding the expression rather catchy (and true) — incorporated Maui nō ka ‘oi into their songs and poems.

Today, Maui is still the best in our eyes. Read more about it here: Here’s Why Maui Truly is “Nō Ka ‘Oi”

Maui is so, so easy on the eyes

As Sunny Maui Vacations’ resident blogger, even I have to admit that words stop short of capturing Maui’s breathtaking beauty.

In other words, let the pictures to do the talking. And now…sit back, grab yourself a beverage and take a journey to Maui with our 2 pictorial blog posts:

If you had only 1 day on Maui, what would you do?

Here’s a hint: Sun. Sand. Salt. Sea. Surf. Shop. Sip. You get the idea.

Of course — Maui offers all that, and much, much more. We’ve got you all covered right here: How to spend a perfect day on Maui.

I love Hawaii, and here’s why

No matter where I am in the world, Hawaii is always home. There’s something incredibly special and unique about this place — the land, the people, the energy — that hooks you for life.

Ask any local and they’ll most likely you the same thing. Or — just read this: 5 reasons why I truly love Hawaii

Hawaii’s “secret” to rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit

Anyone who lives near the sea will tell you there’s something magic about it that keeps them feeling healthy and alive. Since all of Hawaii is surrounded by sea, we all feel healthy and alive!

Read more about it here: Here’s the Absolute Best Way to Rejuvenate in Hawaii

Wanna learn some local lingo, brah?

They say Hawaii is in the United States, but you can also call it the other way around: the United States is in Hawaii. And so while English is the official language in Hawaii, there’s an entirely different vernacular spoken here.

To learn more, right on: The 22 handiest words used by Hawaii’s locals.

Sacred Hawaii is alive and well

Did you know that the Hawaiian Islands are bursting with mana (“power”)?

Mana is everywhere here, from the top of Mauna Kea, down to the valleys, forests, fields, beaches, and all the way to the ocean floor.

Now more than ever is a time for healing. In this blog post, we’ve identified 7 Sacred Spots in Hawaii With Deep Spiritual Energy.

How to surf without a board

You may think the sport of surfing involves lying down or standing up on a board, but there’s actually a much simpler and more pure way to do it: with just the body.

Bodysurfing is affordable, portable and FUN. It’s also one of the world’s best social distancing sports!

Get the goods here: The ultimate starter guide to bodysurfing in Hawaii.

The 5 Hottest Coffee Destinations on Maui

Okay, I’ll admit something: I quit drinking coffee about 6 months ago. Not because I hated it — it was because I loved it so much I was drinking way too much.

Not a day goes by without some kind of craving for my long lost love of coffee. It’s probably just an extended break, right?

Anyway, for all you coffee lovers out there, I wrote this just for you (it’s also our very first blog post): The 5 Hottest Coffee Destinations on Maui.


A hui hou

There is no word for goodbye in Hawaiian. Instead, we say a hui hou which means “until we meet again.” When all of this passes, we will continue to provide our same warm hospitality, aloha and commitment to your comfort and happiness. Contact us anytime at or (808) 240-1311. A hui hou!

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