Hawaii ocean rules — please read

  • Never turn your back on the ocean
  • When in doubt — don’t go out
  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • Morning hours are ideal before the wind picks up


Explore the backside wall of Molokini or enjoy excellent shore diving off the coast of South Maui.



Maui is a kitesurfing mecca of the Pacific with year-round great weather, waves and wind conditions. It has been consistently listed as one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world.

Kitesurfers of all levels are welcomed in Maui  — from first-timers to seasoned pros. You’ll find several schools and beaches on the island’s North and South sides which are perfect to learn, practice or to show off your mad skills!

Planning a kiteboarding visit to Maui

The winds are reliable year-round (15-25 knots), but the best time to visit the island is in spring and summer (between March and October) when the NE trade winds are strongest.

Wintertime is the better choice for swells, with waves reaching epic heights of 60+ feet! The winter winds are available but less predictable. Water temperatures vary from 75°F in winter (springsuit recommended) to 80°C in summer (board shorts are all you need).

Be sure to check ocean conditions before you go out.

There are several great kiteboarding spots in South Maui. The most popular one is Kalepolepo Beach, right by the Whale Sanctuary — literally steps away:

The sandy beach north of the blue whale house is a good access point in kona winds. The sandy beach is one of the wider launch areas on the south shore. There is a small river mouth here. The beach is surrounded by sensitive dune areas and wetland habitat, so please only use the proper pathways to access the beach here. As always care must be taken when riding these areas close to roads and houses. these south shore beaches are short and separated by rocky points. so access between the beaches is often limited to the roadway. Only confident upwind riders should ride at this location. If you get down-winded on another beach you may have to walk back to your launch site along the side of the busy roadway, take care to carefully pack up your gear into a small tidy package before attempting to walk along the roads shoulder. There are no sidewalks along this stretch of road. Do not get hit by a passing car.

—Maui Kiteboarding Association


  • Redline Rafting – eco-friendly, culturally conscious rafting and snorkeling from a 35 ft. customized raft. Hawaiian “talk story” and history is part of the experience!
  • Blue Water Rafting – explore the sea caves and lava arches of Maui’s remote and rugged coastline and discover exotic marine life with Blue Water Rafting.

Snuba diving

Snuba is a hybrid between snorkeling and diving. It gives you the most of your water adventures without a dive certification. Several companies that offer snorkel trips will offer snuba.

Standup paddle boarding, surf lessons, kayak tours

Try popular standup paddle boarding (SUP), kayak across Maui south shores or take catch your first wave on your first surf lesson with Big Kahuna Adventures.