How to spend a perfect day on Maui

Okay, you’ve made it to Maui — congratulations and, as we say: E komo mai (that’s Hawaiian for “Welcome”).

Now, let’s plan a perfect day. It won’t cost you much at all — just your willingness to let go and enjoy the present moment. Here we go:

Wake up with an early morning beach walk

In Hawaii, when you go the beach early, chances are you’ll have the entire place to yourself.

It’s a gift. You get a true sense of why Hawaii is such a magical place — the mild morning air touching your skin, the soothing rhythm of the water hitting the shore, the cool sand between your toes, the pink and orange hues of the sky.

Visit to the nearest farmers market

Farmers markets are a wonderful thing, especially in Hawaii: you get fresh local food from the source while alleviating the burden on your wallet (Hawaii’s supermarkets are notoriously expensive).

So after the beach, drift over to a nearby farmers market or fruit stand and gather some seasonal fruits, veggies and other local goodies. Take time to connect and “talk story” with the farmers and vendors. Good conversation with locals can lead to pleasant and unexpected surprises.

Take a (secluded) hike

Waterfall or forest? Lush valley or volcano crater? Take your pick. Maui is rich with some of the most peaceful nature hikes in Hawaii, such as the lunar-like Leleiwi Overlook at Haleakala, the mystical bamboo grove and waterfalls on Hana Highway’s Pipiwai Trail and the conifer and eucalyptus forests of the Hosmer Grove Trail.

Grab a tasty lunch

We’ve been fortunate to cover many of the wonderful eateries and restaurants on Maui, so go ahead and take your pick:

Now, spoil yourself

There are a few way to do this. You could treat yourself to a what could literally be the best massage on Maui at Maui’s Best Massage (they come to you or you go to them).

If not a massage, why not just perch in a hammock and catch up on your reading at a shady spot with cooling tradewinds?

Go from happy hour to dinner

“Happy Hour” is popular across all of Hawaii, with many eateries and bars of all atmospheres offering drink specials and 50% off food (usually between 2-6pm). For example, at Merriman’s Kapalua, you can listen to live music and watch the sun sink down into the Pacific as you sip on a Mai Tai, then…keep eating!

End the day with another walk on the beach

Walking the beach at night is just as magical as the morning. The air is warm, the stars are out, and barely anyone is around. Total Maui bliss.

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