33 stunning photos that reveal the beauty and mystery of life under the (warm water) sea

Do you ever wonder what’s really going on under the sea?

Meet Bo Pardau, one of Hawaii’s finest underwater photographers. Bo’s photos reveal vivid glimpses into the beautiful mystery of life under the sea.

Scroll through some of Bo’s spectacular images and learn a little about him and his work.

Sargassum frogfish six miles offshore


Domino damselfish hover over an antler coral


Banded coral shrimp ready to clean


Harbor squid

Bo’s life changed in 1990, when he decided to get dive certified in the cold, nutrient-rich waters of Northern California. He was 40 at the time.


Lagoon triggerfish


Yellow tangs clean a honu


Wall in the Grand Cayman

Bo is based in Kona on the Big Island, where’s he’s been since 2004.


Yellow tangs on reef


Natural aquarium


Bo loves capturing the interactions between marine life and — often — humans. Many of the small creatures he photographs require SCUBA gear and strobes, but many of his images are captured in ambient light while free-diving with large animals.


Akule bait ball


Akule bait ball


Akule bait ball


Underwater sand castles


Dolphin leaf game


Dolphins ascending


Dolphin leaf game


Dolphin dance!

Bo’s images are well-known in Hawaii, and commissioned by several dive companies. His images are also attracting international attention in publications and the sale of his prints.


Akule storm


Honu in shallow water


After moving to Kona with his wife Jamie — who’s also a diver — Bo worked as a dive guide for the world famous manta ray night dive on the Big Island. He retired in 2012, and now, with Jamie, travels the world on exotic dive excursions.


Manta ray feeding at night


Galapagos shark


Curious hammerhead shark


Tiger shark in harbor


Whale shark



Great white shark in Guadalupe



Humpback whales


While underwater photography is his main focus, he also loves to go to the top of Mauna Kea to shoot the Milky Way.


The Milky Way as seen from 13,000 feet atop Mauna Kea

Mahalo, Bo, for sharing with Sunny Maui Vacations!

Enjoy more of Bo’s images at www.flickr.com/photos/bodiver

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