How to thoroughly enjoy beach running in Hawaii

Ditch the shoes and hit the sand — let’s go running on the beach!

34 ultra-useful Hawaiian words, terms and expressions you should know

Get your local Hawaiian vocabulary lesson right here!

How to live a better life through kapu

Kapu means “taboo,” but it also means sacred.

How green can Hawaii go?

Hawaii is taking the “going green” movement seriously, as in 100% green by 2045. Can it be done?

5 Maui spots that send you right back to the past

To find the “real” Maui, look no further than old Maui!

The ultimate starter guide to bodysurfing in Hawaii

Learn why bodysurfing is surfing’s best kept secret.

11 foods you must try when you’re in Hawaii

You can enjoy all these treats in Hawaii, but only some of them outside of Hawaii.

The 8 things I will always miss about Hawaii

One of the big reasons I love traveling outside of Hawaii is the appreciation I gain for my island home.

How to literally feel at home in Maui

Skip the lobby and the lines and stay in your very own luxury property in Maui!

21 photos of a flawless day in Maui

No planning, ticket or luggage required. Just click and relax…

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