How to Get Started Surfing on Maui, Part 1

skimboarding spray on some Maui shorebreak

Here’s something you might not to expect to hear from a surfer: “surfing sucks — don’t try it.” Why would they say that? It’s because surfing is so incredibly awesome that we surfers don’t want any more people in the lineup. More people mean fewer waves for everyone — does that make sense? The good news… Continue reading

The Truth About Vacation Rental Management

Photo of a vacation rental on Maui

“The Dream” has come true: You’ve purchased a vacation rental on Maui, which is now your second home. You are beyond ecstatic — but to stay afloat and cover your overhead expenses, you have to rent it out to vacationing guests. Now it’s time to decide if you’re going to manage the rental yourself or if… Continue reading

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