11 foods you must try when you’re in Hawaii

You can enjoy all these treats in Hawaii, but only some of them outside of Hawaii.

The 8 things I will always miss about Hawaii

One of the big reasons I love traveling outside of Hawaii is the appreciation I gain for my island home.

How to literally feel at home in Maui

Skip the lobby and the lines and stay in your very own luxury property in Maui!

21 photos of a flawless day in Maui

No planning, ticket or luggage required. Just click and relax…

Meet Maui’s Top 4 Craft Beverage Makers

Beer, wine and spirits: Maui makes them all!

The top 7 yoga spots on Maui

Feel the yoga flow on the island of Maui!

Yes, Hawaii is a transformative destination

Swim up pool bars, sticky sweet mai-tais, Hawaiian shirts, white sand beaches, buffet breakfasts and never having to leave the resort are all things that come to mind when travelers think of Hawaii. For a long time, Hawaii has represented the quintessential relaxing getaway (think never leaving the hotel pool) without evoking feelings of adventure,… Continue reading

The 7 dreamiest multimillion dollar properties currently for sale on Maui

Your dream home on Maui is within reach…for the right price.

How to use the word Aloha

You know the word, but do you know exactly what it means and how to use it?

7 Sacred Spots in Hawaii With Deep Spiritual Energy

Ancient Hawaii contained numerous places of worship and power. Some of them you can still visit today.

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