7 Reasons Why I Love Being a Property Manager on Maui

Early mornings on Maui are exquisite and beautiful. Birds start the day with busy morning conversations. Hues of pink, blue, white and bright orange twirl in the sky — just like they do at sundown. Sounds idyllic, right? The reality is, I wake up most mornings with a purring cat tap-dancing on my head demanding food and attention—… Continue reading

How to Get Started Surfing on Maui, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our “Surfing on Maui” series. If you read Part 1, you’ll know that you don’t necessarily need a surfboard to go surfing. In fact, it’s often more accurate to just call it “waveriding.” Either way, this post integrates those basics of waveriding into the magic of Maui. Let’s get started! Where… Continue reading

How to Get Started Surfing on Maui, Part 1

skimboarding spray on some Maui shorebreak

Here’s something you might not to expect to hear from a surfer: “surfing sucks — don’t try it.” Why would they say that? It’s because surfing is so incredibly awesome that we surfers don’t want any more people in the lineup. More people mean fewer waves for everyone — does that make sense? The good news… Continue reading

The Truth About Vacation Rental Management

Photo of a vacation rental on Maui

“The Dream” has come true: You’ve purchased a vacation rental on Maui, which is now your second home. You are beyond ecstatic — but to stay afloat and cover your overhead expenses, you have to rent it out to vacationing guests. Now it’s time to decide if you’re going to manage the rental yourself or if… Continue reading

The Night Owl’s Guide to Enjoying Maui After Dark

torches on Maui

Everyone knows that Maui is always good for its sunshine, beach and ocean during the day, but what’s there to do after dark? Aside from the usual, like dining on the beach or sipping a mai tai under the stars, Maui has a pretty happening nightlife scene. It’s no L.A. or New York, but check out… Continue reading

9 (Practically) Free Ways to Have a Blast on Maui

All the riches in Maui are actually free.

The Visitor’s Guide to Hula in Maui

Hawaiian hula dancer

Hula is a beautiful and mesmerising art that’s unique to Hawaii — it’s time to learn all about it!

How to Immerse Yourself in Hawaiian Culture

Hawaiian kids jumping off the wall into the ocean

If you’re coming to Hawaii, this is a must-read.

7 Sacred Places on Maui to Find Your True Self

Buddha hands on a statue in Maui

Sure, Maui’s got world-class beaches and luxury resorts and just about every other pleasure you can imagine — but what’s beyond that? A lot, actually. Maui is abundant with all different kinds of sacred spaces to help you get more centered and balanced. Here are some we’d like to share: Haleakala Summit Nothing can truly prepare you for… Continue reading

Top 10 Places on Maui to Share a Kiss

Amazing Waimoku Falls - waterfall on Maui

You can pretty much kiss anywhere on Maui, but why not make it count somewhere extra special?

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