7 Sacred Places on Maui to Find Your True Self

Buddha hands on a statue in Maui

Sure, Maui’s got world-class beaches and luxury resorts and just about every other pleasure you can imagine — but what’s beyond that? A lot, actually. Maui is abundant with all different kinds of sacred spaces to help you get more centered and balanced. Here are some we’d like to share: Haleakala Summit Nothing can truly prepare you for… Continue reading

Top 10 Places on Maui to Share a Kiss

Amazing Waimoku Falls - waterfall on Maui

You can pretty much kiss anywhere on Maui, but why not make it count somewhere extra special?

29 Dreamy Photos of Maui Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day

Mind boggling sunset on Maui

Aloha! Ready to get Maui’d? These photos are all of Maui, so take a deep breath, scroll slowly and prepare to feel amazing.                                                         How do you feel now?… Continue reading

3 Blissful Reasons to Love Maui in the Spring

Maui Rainbow photo

It’s no secret that Maui is a spectacular place to hang out all year round. Sure, winter and summer are popular times to visit, but have you considered the months of March, April and May? Spring in Maui is actually an excellent time to visit. For one thing, the winter tourists have left and the summer crowds have yet to… Continue reading

How to Not Get Depressed When It’s Your Last Day on Maui

Heart rock in Hawaii

There’s definitely something melancholy about the day you have to say “a hui hou”* to the Hawaiian Islands, namely Maui. You’ve got some much-needed sun on your skin, a little sand in your toes and dreamy memories to keep you going until the next vacay. But just because you have to board a stuffy airplane back… Continue reading

The Top 5 Wedding Locations on Maui

Couple getting married on the beach in Maui

Considering Maui for your wedding? Let’s just say you’re not alone — Maui is one of the most sought-after places in the world to tie the knot. The real question is — where are the best places on the island to get married? We’ve got 5 of the very best ones right here: Haiku Sugar Mill… Continue reading

Here’s the Absolute Best Way to Rejuvenate in Hawaii

Sunset at Maui photo

Hawaiians call it “moana” or “kai.” Our islands are surrounded and separated by it, yet it connects and allures people and cultures from every corner of the Earth. If you haven’t guessed, we’re talking about the ocean — by far the most treasured assets in Hawaii. We want to declare that Hawaii’s oceans are the absolute #1… Continue reading

7 Simple and Conscious Lifestyle Changes for a Stellar 2015

Boulders on the beach

As 2014 winds down, it’s an appropriate time to reflect on the events and feelings of the past year while looking ahead to an even better 2015. For us at Sunny Maui Condos, this mean an upcoming year that’s wholesome, sustainable and happy. We’ve come up with 7 simple conscious lifestyle choices we truly believe will make your 2015 one to remember: Be… Continue reading

How to Be Healthy When You’re Enjoying Maui

Photo of yoga on the beach in Maui

When you break it down, a healthy lifestyle distills down to two simple ideas: good eating and exercise. This is why so many healthy people love Maui — it’s so easy to stay healthy while enjoying your vacation — not in spite of it. Maui is well-known for its organic-health conscious-sustainability scene, with everything from beautiful organic… Continue reading

The 5 Hottest Coffee Destinations on Maui

Maui coffee cup

Do you love coffee as much as we do? If yes, then you probably already know about Hawaii and coffee — we’re the only state in the US that grows it. And while it’s no secret that Kona coffee started the trend, each of Hawaii’s other islands produce their own unique and tasty varieties (Molokai Muleskinner, Big Island’s Ka’u and… Continue reading

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