5 secret pleasures that make Hawaii so desirable

It’s no secret that Hawaii is just one of world’s warm and dreamy beach destinations. So what makes it so special? Here are 5 treasures of Hawaii you may not have known:


Ever been to a place that’s tropical and exotic and sultry, only to practically gag and pass out from the heat?

Not in Hawaii — we enjoy continuous tradewinds, which are” curved” winds that flow east to west and form when moist warm air from around the equator rises, dries and cools…then sinks back down near the tropics.

All this really means is that the temperature in Hawaii is just about perfect all year long.

Resident monk seals

If you spend enough time on any beach in Hawaii, chances are at some point you’ll meet a cute flippered creature sleeping on the sand like a lazy sunbather.

This creature is a Hawaiian monk seal, one of the most endangered seal species in the world — there are only about 300 living in the main Hawaiian islands.

Oftentimes, the seal will be roped off to prevent us humans from illegally touching or harassing it, which is against the law and highly frowned upon.

Bonus: you can also spot resident honu (green sea turtles) swimming in the ocean or sleeping on the sand.

Empty beaches

Yes you heard that right — Hawaii has totally empty beaches which you can have mostly or all to yourself!

I can neither confirm nor deny where these beaches are, but let’s say they’re everywhere across all islands.

To find one, study a map of the coastline, read online reviews, and even try asking around. And keep what you find a secret!

Stunning hikes

Take my word: hikes in Hawaii are just as beautiful as the beaches, and each island is a hiker’s paradise. Accessing each hike is different, so make sure you check nearby signs and rules — there are tons of blogs and guidebooks to help with this.

One of my personal favorite hikes? The Haunama Bay Trail on Oahu, which is best enjoyed in the early morning when the sun is rising. Make your way up the small mountain and you will be rewarded with a 360-degree views of East Hawaii from Maunalani Bay to Diamond head on one side and Koko Head and dreamy Haunama Bay on the other side. And if it’s a clear day — you can even see down the island chain to Molokai, Maui, Lanai and the Big Island.

Local cuisine

I’ve covered food in Hawaii extensively on this blog because everybody eats, and talking about delicious food never gets old. Check out these other foodie blog posts:

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Image credits: Kelly Sikkema, Sebastian Coman Travel, Andrew Coelho, Peter Vanosdall, Nicole Goulart, Alexandra Tran

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