Why you should consider living part-time on Maui

No matter where you live on the planet, making Maui your part-time home can only make life better. Let’s consider these reasons why:

The weather and climate

OBVIOUSLY. Hawaii has one of the friendliest climates in the world — like the most comfortable habitat for a human to live. Or, as we like to say: “You don’t need technology to survive in Hawaii.”

Admittedly it can get hot in the late summer months, but we have tradewinds to cool us down. Winter is ultra-comfortable, especially on the beach.

Natural beauty

It’s fair to argue that anywhere with unspoiled nature is beautiful. But there’s something about golden sand beaches, swaying coconut trees, fragrant colorful flowers and lush breathtaking valleys that beckon us to stay, relax and enjoy life — like seriously.

Maui is all of that and WAY more.

The people

Our eclectic Island culture is rich, deep, complex, diverse and colorful — drawing from Pacific, East Asian, European and American cultures. We mix customs, food and language and everything in between, and for the most part — we all seem get along.

Come to Maui for the scenery and weather, stay for the people.

It’s laid-back here

Slowing down isn’t a bad thing, especially if your other home is busy, crowded and “always on” (aka STRESSFUL).

Yes, we have cell phones and internet just like everywhere else, but the Hawaiian lifestyle is more balanced than most. You can work hard and relax “hard.”

Plus, being in the ocean pretty much eliminates using a phone, watching TV or sitting at the bar.

And we’re happy

Take a wild guess which US state is the happiest…for the 6th year in a row! That’s right: Hawaii.

The findings calculated a well-being score based on questions like these:

  • Do you have supportive relationships and love in your life?
  • Community: Do you like where you live, feel safe and have pride in your community?
  • Physical: Do you have good health and enough energy to get things done easily?

Who could possibly argue with this?

Hawaii has great work potential

Wordcamp Maui

Wordcamp Maui

If you’re creative and open to taking a little risk, Hawaii could be a lucrative place for a business niche. Because we’re not the mainland, we tend to get caught up with mainland trends a couple years late — which presents an opportunity for someone with a little enterprise and hustle.

Other work ideas:

  • bartend while writing your novel
  • be a remote worker for a mainland company
  • buy and/or manage real estate.

The options are endless, actually.

Hawaii is easy to access

Flights in and out of all the major islands are plentiful and for the most part affordable. From the mainland, there are several daily nonstop flights on major carriers (United, Alaska, Delta, Virgin America, Hawaiian, etc.).

A good-priced roundtrip ticket from the West Coast runs about $400. Not bad! Plus you rack up miles.

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As far as housing, it’s certainly not hard to sublet or vacation rental your place while you’re gone — everyone loves coming to Hawaii at all times of the year.

Ask us about our vacation rental management services.

What’s stopping you?

Making a move to Maui isn’t hard to justify, really.

We’ve got near-perfect sub-tropical climate, year-round warm weather, spellbinding scenery, the happiest people and a lifestyle that heals, nurtures and replenishes.

The other key advice we can offer if you’re pondering a move to Maui is to be creative and enterprising. Sometimes a positive life change requires a totally different way of doing things.

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