The only footwear you’ll ever need in Hawaii

People call them flip flops sandals, or thongs. In Hawaii we call them slippers, or sometimes “slippahs.” In other words, these:

Whether you live here or you’re visiting, slippers are the only footwear you’ll ever need in Hawaii. They are one of the few universal equalizers: no matter what the occasion, who you’re with, or where you’re going — you will always be okay in slippers.

Slippers are completely functional and comfortable. They are a next-to-nothing footwear that’s like being barefoot, except they protect you from thorns, bugs, hot asphalt, and hot sand.

They take seconds to slip on and off, which makes it easy when you’re always going inside and out (or visiting someone’s home).

Slippers are super easy to wash. Just add water and —poof! — off goes the sand, mud, or sweat.

Slippers can be super cheap, too! You can grab a pretty fashionable pair of rubber “Locals” at Longs for a mere $2.99 and it will last a good 3-4+ months of daily use. At this price, it’s no big deal if you lose them!

Slippers can also be upscaled, too. Try a pair of Rainbows, Sanuks or Havianas, or one of the popular surf brands like Reef, Quiksilver, or Billabong.

Secret weapon? If it ever comes down to you vs. cockroach, use one of your slippers as a cockroach whomper.

Image credits: Matthew T Rader, Rui Silvestre, Ian Rinefort, roc sun, Jeremy Bishop, Matheus Vinicius, Roopak Ravi, Nowshad Arefin

A hui hou

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