Our love for Lahaina runs deep ❤️

As most of you have heard, the richly-historic and charming Maui town of Lahaina was destroyed by fires on August 8. Our hearts and condolences go out to everyone affected by this tragedy, especially the families and friends who have lost loved ones, homes, businesses, and livelihoods.

In the spirit of healing and rebuilding, we want to share some love that people from all over have recently expressed for Lahaina:

Lahaina wasn’t some manufactured modern suburb. The town had a soul. It’s a special place with special people. A true heaven on Earth…I love this town and its people.

—David M., former Lahaina resident

When I jumped off the boat back in ‘93, your people welcomed me like I grew up there. I busted out my notebook, wrote about the black coral divers, 110-year-old Elario Questas (the oldest Maui man), ageless athlete and surfer George Boskoff, humpback whales, and that old Pu’upiha graveyard by Mala Wharf where the iwi kupuna (bones of the elders) and Chinese laborers would be exposed due to erosion after high surf. I dove in deep, Lahaina, and you held both my hands while I held my breath, eyes open wide, and became an adult.”

—Jessica F., former Lahaina resident

Let me be clear, Lahaina belongs to its people, and we are committed to rebuilding and restoring it the way they want it. The land in Lahaina is reserved for its people as they return and rebuild.
—Josh Green, governor of Hawaii

In a small town like Lahaina, we all know each other…We’ve all grown up together. In times like this, ohana gets stronger.
—Dustin Kaleiopu

Love your family, take care of the land and you’ll rebuild your community.
—Archie Kalepa

Maui captured my heart in 2020 and will always be a part of me.
—Tina H.

We left a piece of our hearts with you when we visited you back in May, 2023. It was for my son’s 8th birthday and a bucket list place. We went 3 times to Front Street in our 6 days trip to Maui. That’s how much we loved this place.
—Pixi J.

We honeymooned in Maui 20 years ago. In July, we brought our 17 & 18 year old daughters to celebrate with us. It was hands down, our best family vacation ever. We will all be back to both enjoy the beautiful island as well as volunteer.
—Emily L.

I had many great memories in Lahaina and nothing will take that away from me. God bless & rebuild Lahaina for the locals.
—Maggie S.

Maui is such a special place and so many people there are just incredible. They make everyone feel so welcomed and have us all thinking of them, even when we leave. I know for me, I return to Maui not just for the place, but for the people and the vibe I always get.
—Tabitha S.

My love for Maui is beyond measure.
—Darlene R.

I’ve been going to Maui all my life easily over 50 times and it truly is the BEST place on earth. As a child my Mom would wake me up and say, “Surprise we’re going to Maui!”
—Jeff G.

So many happy memories on Front St.
—Patty H.

Maui is my grounding space, my sanity each year. ❤️ I want it to thrive.
—Chelsea T.

One of our favorite places on Earth.
—Shelley B.

‘A’oha hana nui ke alu ‘ia
No task is too big when done together by all.

Image credits: Max Harlynking, Jake Houglum, viewphotoshere, billmorson, seanmolin, kirt_edblom, 115000114@N07, prayitnophotography, 33133063430, 16005117492, studioelepaio, 24369303@N00, forest-and-kim

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