Meet one of Hawaii’s finest coworking spaces

Are you working remotely and looking for a change of scenery?

You might want to consider working from Hawaii. There’s honestly no better time or place to be here, especially if you appreciate work-life balance, being outdoors, and a rich warm culture.

The BoxJelly

Another reason to work from Hawaii is the variety of high-quality coworking spaces on each major island.

A step up from coffee shops, coworking spaces offer robust internet, dedicated work spaces and a like-minded community vibe. Hawaii’s coworking spaces are no different, except you can bring along your surfboard and catch some waves at lunch 🏄🏽‍♀️


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Last month while on Oahu, I had the opportunity to visit BoxJelly — Hawaii’s first coworking space. BoxJelly had just settled into its new digs in Ward Center, in the spacious second-floor perch originally occupied by Brew Moon (one of Hawaii’s first microbrewery restaurants, and where I was — a lifetime ago — a bartender).

Some backstory: in 2014, I spent several months at BoxJelly working on a now-defunct startup that aggregated tours and activities around the state. At the time, BoxJelly was located in the back of a furniture store called Fishcake on Kamani Street, just down the street from its new location.

The original BoxJelly was (and still is) an eclectic space filled with local artwork and freelancers busy at their desks, laptops, and conference rooms. The vibe was distinctly Honolulu, aka “relaxed tropical urban,” and I felt…right at home.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Rechung Fujihara, BoxJelly’s founder — a friendly guy with a calm and inviting demeanor. Rechung’s curiosity and eventual savvy in business has helped to grow BoxJelly into one of the finest coworking spaces in Hawaii.

Fast forward to 2021 and Rechung is just as cool and calm as before, and just as fired up about the future of BoxJelly. Now his coworking ventures are backed by investors in Japan, where he visits every so often (“for inspiration,” he tells me).

The new BoxJelly is all at once bright and expansive, colorful and clean, light-hearted, and low-key.

It’s a place to be inspired and do good work with like-minded people. Small cute dogs make their rounds on the floor.

A respectable quiver of gorgeously-shaped longboards are stacked vertical near the old Brew Moon host stand. Artwork from BoxJelly’s artist in residence program adorns the walls. A respectable pop-up coffee shop called “Try Coffee” completes the atmosphere.

When I ask how he feels about “big box” coworking spaces like WeWork, Rechung replies: “We have a very distinct style that can’t be copied. And BoxJelly isn’t just about work. It’s about an entire lifestyle, it’s about enjoying life.”

Which makes perfect sense when I read BoxJelly’s slogan: “Work Hard, Live Better.”

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