These 17 ordinary photos of people on Maui prove one thing

“A picture is worth a thousand words” may be a cliche, but it’s true.

These ordinary photos of people on Maui share one thing in common — the feeling of pure, natural bliss.

Nothing staged, no fake smiles, no ridiculous posing — just the feeling of Maui. Take a look and enjoy!

There’s no denying this couple’s paradise bliss


It’s hard to go wrong with the family in Maui


Of course the locals are happy!


When in Maui…(you know the rest)


Even this girl has something to smile about

You’d smile like her, too, if you were about to order a mai tai


Shave ice definitely sweetens up the day


This is how you look after the ocean sucks the negative ions from your body


This boy has the keiki o ka aina smile (“a child of Hawaii”)


Yes, shakas work underwater as well


All his stress instantly dissolved into nothing


She woke up early for this…and it was worth it!


Most people have to commute in traffic after work. Not this guy.


It’s one thing to get married, it’s another thing to do it on Maui


Girls just wanna have fun, right?


Can you imagine how spectacular she feels?


Okay here’s your chance — picture yourself in this picture 🙂


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