The ultimate guide to kitesurfing on Maui

Maui is a kitesurfing mecca of the Pacific with year-round great weather, waves, and wind conditions. The Valley Isle has been consistently listed as one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world.

Maui is a world-class spot for kitesurfers of all levels — from beginners to pros. You can find various schools and beaches that cater to different skill levels.

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What is kitesurfing and how did it get started?

Kitesurfing is a wind-powered water sport using a kite and a board. It combines elements of windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, wakeboarding, and gymnastics.

Kitesurfing has deep roots in Maui dating back to the early 1980s, when pioneers like Cory Roeseler and the Legaignoux brothers laid the groundwork with their innovative designs, such as the Wipika kite system.

Maui became a windsurfing hotspot starting in the mid-90s when Laird Hamilton and Manu Bertin rode surf-style boards with footstraps on the North Shore.

Where are some good kitesurfing spots on Maui?

Kalepolepo Beach

Your best bet for kitesurfing in South Maui. Please be aware that kitesurfing in Kihei is challenging due to limited launch sites, ocean conditions, and other hazards.

Kanaha Beach Park

Maui’s premier kitesurfing spot thanks to consistent, strong winds that funnel between Haleakala and the West Maui Mountains. Includes Naska Beach and Teach Beach. Both are beginner-friendly with several instructors, and offer favorable ENE winds and emergency services.



World-famous windsurfing and kitesurfing spot frequented by pro-kitesurfers. Known for challenging conditions and big waves.

Ka’a Point aka Pro Pool

An iconic spot for expert riders, located upwind of Kite Beach, famous for its protective cove and proximity to the beach for photography.

Flash Beach / Naish Beach

Offers an open launch and a long sandy stretch, ideal for avoiding swim zones and the outer reef during low tide.

Baldwin Beach

Sugar Cove

Notable for its proximity to the airport runway and associated restrictions.

Baldwin Beach

Equipped with amenities like lifeguard services, showers, and BBQs, marked with a kiteboarding zone sign.


An ‘A’ class wave spot, challenging with its tricky launch and landing.


Suitable for experienced kitesurfers, offers medium-sized waves and is best when the wind blows east.


Extreme big wave surf spot, reserved only for the world’s most elite surfers, windsurfers, and kitesurfers.

Some essential tips for kitesurfing travel in Maui

Show up at the right time of year

For the best kitesurfing experience, come to Maui between March and October when the northeast trade winds are strongest. The winter months offer biggers swells, but winds can be less predictable. Water temperatures range from 75°F in winter to 80°F in summer.

Rent gear locally

Unless you’re a pro or veteran kitesurfer, you’re better off renting your kitesurfing equipment in Maui. You’ll save money and the hassle of transportation, and you’re supporting local business.

Carry your certification

Bring your IKO Kiteboarder Card or equivalent certification to verify demonstrate your skill level and expedite the rental process

Purchase the right insurance

It’s advisable to have insurance (or travel insurance) that cover sport-related accidents, injuries, and potential rescue costs.

Know the rules and conditions

Get familiar with local kitesurfing guidelines and beach rules to be safe and avoid conflicts.

Have fun!

Image credits: Oluwaseyi Johnson, Fausto García-Menéndez, Víctor Martín, Nick Rickert, Paul Matheson, hawaiisavvy, Timur Garifov

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