How to move, live and be happy in Hawaii, part 1

This is Part 1 of a two-part series on moving to Hawaii. You can read Part 2 here.

If you love Hawaii, then chances are at some point you’ve dreamed of moving here. If you’ve gotten past the dreaming phase and into the planning one, then you probably know there’s a lot to consider.

As a local who’s moved to and away from the Aloha state countless times, I can honestly say that moving to Hawaii can be one of the most amazing and life-changing decisions you ever make. But for that to happen, there’s a lot you need to know. Let’s start with the basics:

Attitude is everything


Your experience in Hawaii is always a direct reflection of your attitude.

This rule applies everywhere, of course, but it’s especially true in Hawaii where people can be more sensitive to change. When you have a good attitude, people you encounter pick up on it instantly and are more likely to open up. Bad attitudes crash and burn very quickly here.

Aloha is a practice


Aloha takes attitude one step further. The word aloha has many meanings, such as “hello,” “goodbye” and “I love you,” but it’s also a way to approach life. When you live with aloha, you live with love…how can you go wrong with that?

Aloha isn’t just for Hawaii, either: it’s for the entire world. So take the word and make it a practice!

Prepare to share


Even though Hawaii is just as modernized as other places, they are still relatively small islands, and islands by nature have fewer resources. When you share what you have or know, don’t have fear of losing it, because everyone benefits.

For example, if you’ve had a stellar international career in runway fashion, keep in mind that very few people here have New York or Paris experience like you. Teach them what you know and they will not only appreciate learning, they’ll appreciate you.

Keep it super simple


The reason why human beings are drawn to Hawaii is you don’t actually need technology to survive here. You’ve got the ocean, good people and a way of life that’s centered around being comfortable.

What more do you truly need to be happy?

Keiki first


In Hawaii, having children is a beautiful thing, not a necessary one.  In Hawaii, we say “keiki first,” (children first) which means that when it comes to most things – such as how to spend our time, eating, playing, learning, family, etc. — children are the priority.

Hawaii’s keiki first ethos works wonders, actually. It switches the focus of our collective culture from “rat race” to family. It also makes Hawaii one of the best places on the planet to raise children or be a child.

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