How Hawaii can transform you

Have you ever been on vacation or planning one and the thing you want most is to be as authentically connected as possible to your destination, the culture and its people?

That feeling is not only common, it’s becoming a way of life for a new generation of travelers seeking “transformative travel.” According to recent reports, transformative travel is about “truly immersing oneself in local culture instead of just observing it,” and a “desire to not be a tourist or be treated as one.”

The image of Hawaii versus the real Hawaii

Hawaii has always been at the top of the world’s most desirable destinations. It’s obvious why — the Islands are warm and sensual, with intense natural beauty and all the comforts and amenities you could need.

We are also blessed with incredible diversity of people and the rich Hawaiian culture.

The image of Hawaii to much of the world is a tropical getaway sprinkled with exotic hula dancers in grass skirts, ukulele music and Mai-Tais on the beach. However, Hawaii is so much more than that.

There’s nothing wrong with hula, ukuleles and Mai-Tais on the beach, but it’s important to know that Hawaii was, is and always will be a deeply transformative place by nature.

There’s a distinct and powerful presence here that continues to attract all kinds of people from all over the world, including many who decide to stay and make Hawaii their home.

How to connect with the real Hawaii

Connecting to the transformative parts of Hawaii is simple. You have to see Hawaii for what it really is, not what it’s portrayed to be. And to do that you have to be here in person.

For starters, it’s perfectly okay and even recommended to take your first few days to relax, self-reflect and do absolutely nothing. This period of “not doing” helps dissolve the stress and worries of everyday life while you adjust to the slower pace and laid-back attitude of Island life.

Once you’re relaxed, you are ready to receive Hawaii’s magic. All it really takes at this point is to be totally present with the place and its people. This could mean a hike, going surfing, a mindful trip to the beach, or attending a nearby event.

In other words, transformative travel in Hawaii is the simple act of putting yourself in direct and mindful contact with the local nature, culture and people. Do that and the rest is taken care of!

Our commitment to your transformation

Please be sure to read the Sunny Maui Vacations blog. We do our best to capture the real experience of Hawaii by sharing the way we live, the places we love to eat, and the notable nuances of life in Hawaii as told from the people who live here.

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Aloha and see you soon!

Image credits: Drew Farwell, Steve Halama, Channey Tang-Ho, Mandy Beerley,Daniel Keating, Jeremy Bishop, Ian Stauffer, Justin Kauffman

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