7 compelling reasons to choose Hawaiian jewelry

There’s always a time and place for beachy, island-inspired jewelry — especially if you embrace the lifestyle. And there may be no better place on Earth to find this kind of jewelry than the Islands of Hawaii.

Here are 7 reasons why Hawaii should be your go-to source for island-inspired jewelry:

Culturally meaningful

Engraved Hawaiian gold bangles from Hina's Treasures

Engraved Hawaiian gold bangles from Hina’s Treasures

Hawaiian jewelry is deeply rooted in Hawaii’s royalty going back to the Victorian Era. The distinct bracelet style was introduced to Hawaii by Queen Kapi’olani and Princess Lili’uokalani during their visit to England for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887.

After Queen Lili’uokalani’s overthrow in 1893, the bracelet gained popularity as a token of love, support, and solidarity for Hawaii and its monarchy.

Tahitian pearls

Tahitian pearls from Misha Hawaii

Tahitian pearls from Misha Hawaii

Another wonderful enhancement to Hawaiian jewelry comes from our South Pacific ‘ohana: pearls from French Polynesia. These pearls are prized for their large size and gorgeous color spectrum, which ranges from dark hues to yellow to green to even rainbow.

Adding a Tahitian pearl to your jewelry adds a touch of elegance and connection to Polynesian heritage.

Shell bangles

Hawaiian gold shell bangles from Hina's Treasures

Hawaiian gold shell bangles from Hina’s Treasures

Want to wear a piece of the Hawaiian ocean and beach wherever you go? Consider a Hawaiian shell gold bangle.

They’re beautiful and super trendy, and the shells comes in all kinds of varieties, shapes, and colors. No two shells are alike, so you’ll always have a one of a kind piece.

Made from real gold

Assorted bangles from Ki•ele

Assorted bangles from Ki•ele

Gold is precious commodity for good reason: it’s durable, hypoallergenic, and beautiful. Unlike some other beach destinations, most pieces you’ll find in Hawaii are made from 14K or 24K gold, or are gold plated.


Gold rings and bracelets from Hina's Treasures

Gold rings and bracelets from Hina’s Treasures

Believe it or not, Hawaiian jewelry can be surprisingly affordable. For example, you can get a gold-filled or rose gold filled shell bangle for $70, or a gold necklace with Tahitian pearls for only $140.

One exception to affordability, however, it the coveted Ni’ihau shell lei.


Many Hawaiian jewelers take custom orders. Most notable are the gold Hawaiian bracelets with Old English calligraphy, ordered with a personalized name in English or Hawaiian, or engraved with Kuuipo (Hawaiian for “Sweetheart”).

In Hawaii, it’s a tradition to get babies a necklace and bracelet with their name engraved.

Easy to find at local events and festivals

Misha from Misha Hawaii

Misha from Misha Hawaii

Hawaiian jewelry is widely available at local events such as farmers markets, art markets, and street festivals.

The most staggering selections can be found at the Made in Hawaii Festival, Aloha Festivals, and the Merrie Monarch Festival.

Image credits and featured jewelers: Hina’s Treasures, Misha Hawaii, and Ki•ele

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