5 clear-cut signs you’re on Hawaiian time (and that’s okay)


When in paradise, do as paradise people do.

Here in Hawaii, there’s something about the passing of time that’s noticeably different than anywhere else in the world.

In a word, it’s slow…and there’s really no way to explain it.

But here’s the beautiful thing: slowing down to the pace of Hawaii is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself. Once you’re comfortable with it is when paradise truly sets in.

Here are 5 signs that you’re on “Hawaiian time.” Be sure to celebrate them!

You’re consistently late for things (yet it’s no big deal)

You’re in Maui, you can stop dreaming now.

Appointments, concerts, dinner reservations, meeting up with friends, you name it — it’s more or less expected to show up after the agreed time and not stress about it (that part is critical).

So when someone says they’ll see you at 5 o’clock, plan on at least 5:30…

It takes longer to get things…and get things done


Just let go and float…

Free shipping to Hawaii with Amazon Prime? Your stuff will take just as long to get to you as normal shipping. Pushing a deadline for an urgent work project? Give yourself some extra extra time to get it done.

Just relax and don’t fight it and you’ll be fine.

You don’t mind sitting in traffic


Hang loose, it’s good for you!

Traffic is an issue in Hawaii: we’ve got it and it’s not getting any better. But, unlike on the Mainland, everyone here seems to accept the traffic and move through it without much honking or aggressive driving.

After all, most of us are headed to the beach to enjoy life anyway!

Everything feels so far away


When’s the last time you kicked up dust while laughing and holding balloons on the top of an extinct volcano?

That’s because it is — and for good reason! We’re not only physically isolated by a vast ocean, but we’re practically the last time zone on Earth.

The mindset here is quite different, too: slowing down allows us to more consciously appreciate the simple and beautiful things that so often get overlooked.

In some ways, time doesn’t even really exist


You can’t really trade this in.

Don’t be surprised if, after being in Hawaii for awhile, you stop glancing at your watch or checking the time so much.

Instead, you follow the rhythms of nature, which looks something like this:

  • you wake up with the sun (not an alarm)
  • you eat when you’re hungry (not when you’re “supposed to”)
  • you surf when the waves are up (instead of dragging yourself to the gym)
  • you go outside when the sun is out (go inside when it rains)

Being on Hawaiian time means you’re slowing down to enjoy life!

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