5 lifestyle trends that are perfectly suitable for Hawaii

You probably already know that Hawaii is a small but stunning tropical paradise known for its healthy, laid-back lifestyle. But do you also know that lifestyle lends itself to our peculiar post-covid habits?

Read on to learn more.

Social distancing

If you’ve ever wondered if Hawaii is crowded, that depends on where you go. Most of Oahu is densely populated, but with a little bit of research you can easily find some remote pockets of forest and beach to celebrate your solitude.

The neighbor islands aren’t nearly as crowded, but that also depends on where you go. Naturally, most resort areas will attract gourds of tourists, but most towns on neighborhood islands are pretty small and/or rural — easy for social distancing.

The point is that if you want to socially distance, Hawaii offers an abundance of opportunities. It’s surprisingly easy to find yourself surrounded by beautiful expanses of nature…with nobody around.

Remote working

First things first: internet. Hawaii has excellent internet — it’s often faster and more reliable than what I’ve experienced in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Next up is time zone: Hawaii doesn’t participate in Daylight Savings Time, so we’re either 2 or 3 hours behind the West Coast (or 5 or 6 hours behind the East Cost) depending on the time of year (this may change). You’ll work early but you’ll also get off early, leaving you half a day to enjoy island life.

Health and wellness

In my experience, if you have sunshine, fresh local food, and a body of water you can put your body in — you’re set up for optimal living.

Hawaii, of course, has all that, but on hyperdrive:

  • We have year-round sunshine but trade winds and passing showers keep things cool
  • Fruits and vegetables grow everywhere here, and there is a practically bottomless ocean full of yummy fish and lots of tasty wild pigs
  • Our oceans so warm and comfortable, and you get your choice of smooth and calm waters and 50-foot waves and everything in between!

Exotic travel

A mere 5 hours from the West Coast, Hawaii is about as close as it gets to a true tropical getaway:

  • It’s warm and sultry, and you can wear less than half the clothes you normally wear
  • You can pick bananas, mangoes and guavas right off the tree
  • Our golden-sand beaches are lined with coconut palms (perfect for your

Meditation and mindfulness

While it’s technically possible to meditate anywhere you are, it certainly nice to meditate on a patch of lava facing the ocean, high atop the summit of an extinct volcano, or simple under some coconut trees (like I do).

There’s something very soothing and nurturing about the natural elements in Hawaii that lends itself to feelings of calm and centeredness.

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Image credits: Cate Bligh, Bram Naus, Jeremy Bishop, Kristopher Allison, Chris Ensey, Arden Mahlberg

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