15 Hawaii Instagram accounts you need to follow right now

Let me tell you something about finding really good Instagram accounts about Hawaii: it’s really, really hard to decide which ones NOT to include. You see, Hawaii’s beauty and charm is magnetic to most people, so there are naturally a TON of Instagrammers out here in the Islands doing their thing.

Many of them are uber-talented, and narrowing them down to this list took some time. Enjoy, and let us know in the comments if you know any more.

1. Best dreamy ocean shots – @hisarahlee


Sarah Lee’s style is distinct — a balance of dreamy and being in the moment. She captures her subjects on surfboards, diving into the deep blue water and floating under the ocean’s surface like a mermaid.

2. Best overall Hawaii – @threeifbysea

The original blue lagoon. This once was an ancient fishpond that was reclaimed by a lava flow covering the sea wall creating an azure lagoon. . . . . . #bluelagoon #abovetheclouds #djimavicpro #rei1440project #Hawaiistagram #NakedHawaii #HawaiiUnchained #AlohaOutdoors #RageHawaii #VentureHawaii #GlimpseOfHawaii #RighteousHawaii #HaveAlohaWillTravel #goatworthy #SonyImages #SonyAlphasClub #feedyouradventure #worldtravelbook #optoutside #lifeofadventure #livefolk #theoutbound #passionpassport #exploretocreate #peoplescreatives #instagoodmyphoto @hawaiistagram @nakedhawaii @hawaiiunchained @alohaoutdoors @ragehawaii @venturehawaii @glimpseofhawaii @righteoushawaii @hawaiimagazine @sonyalpha @depthsofearth @earthfocus

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“Best overall Hawaii” is a pretty big claim, but these three brother photographers deliver. They blend the exoticness of Hawaii with dramatic flair and the feeling of being comfortably secluded.

3. Best Hawaiian storytelling – ge_keoni

I ka wā kahiko, a lai fish was born at Kaimanahila beach, just east of Waikīkī. His name was Nahe. Nahe was born during a terrible storm and was sucked out to sea by a wave. Lai fish are small reef fish, but Nahe now had to adjust to living in the open waters. He perfected his swimming, and learned how to live like the big fish in the open waters. He would play with whales, and dolphins, and his best friend was a shark named Kila Ua. One day as Nahe and Kila Ua were swimming, a huge school of ahi appeared out of nowhere. Kila Ua was hungry so he decided to snack on the ahi. While Kila Ua was feasting, Nahe noticed a beautiful ahi. He wanted to save her from the jaws of his friend so just before Kila Ua was about to eat her, he darted in front of his mouth and told him to stop. Kila Ua spared the beautiful ahiʻs life, and because Nahe was so courageous and saved her, she instantly fell in love with him. The ahiʻs name was Leʻa. Word got around of the beautiful love story between the 2 lb. lai fish and the 400 lb. ahi; even the gods Kū, Kanaloa, and Hina knew of their love. They loved the story so much that they allowed Nahe and Leʻa to conceive a baby fish. It was a hapa fish, and became known as Lai Ahi. Lai Ahi was a mystical fish only found in the waters below Diamond Head, where Nahe was originally from. Overtime Lai Ahi changed and became known as Leahi, which is the Hawaiian name for Diamond Head. This stretch of beach known as Ka'alawai sits right below Diamond Head crater. Hawaiians believed the rim of the volcano looked like the dorsal fin of a yellowfin tuna #ahi #aloha -G

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It’s one thing to gaze at dreamy photos of Hawaii, it’s another to read the ancient Hawaiian tale that goes with the place you’re gazing at. Art and history all in one!

3. Best drone footage of Hawaii – @waterproject


Hawaii from above is just as stunning as Hawaii from the ground, and @waterproject has aerial drone photopraphy down to a science.

4. Best dramatic rendering of Hawaii – @jasonjko


There’s a hint of dark and stormy in @jasonjko’s Instagram feed, and we like it. His photos play with lighting and tine, which create unexpected moods around the otherwise dreamy Hawaii locations he’s capturing.

5. Best Hawaiian volcano and lava shots – @cj_kale

CJ Kale elevates photography to fine art. Many of his shots focus on the active flowing lava from Kilauea, but you can also enjoy other breathtaking shots of the Big Island, as well as scenes from his travels to Alaska, Mongolia and beyond.

6. Best Hawaiian shorebreak shots – @clarklittle


Clark Little, who was raised and lives on the North Shore of Oahu, has a knack for placing himself and his camera right in the impact zone of the waves, called the shorebreak. He’s famous for photographing from inside the wave, often leaving to you wonder how he survived the shot.

7. Most relaxing Hawaiian vibe – @br_i_an


A single subject gazes out to the sea or some dreamy island lookout…you can’t help but feel just as relaxed and comfortable as they are. Follow this account for more…

8. Best underwater Hawaii shots – @chadkoga


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@chadkoga takes you on his journey or diving down below the surface of the Hawaiian sea, where a whole new world awaits. Prepare to see Hawaii as you likely rarely see.

9. Best Hawaiian surfing lifestyle – jake_of_all_trades

Riding in the barrel is getting over rated. @whoisjob

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Want that all-around-good-vibes Hawaii ocean adventure lifestyle? Follow this guy. He not only gets the good shots but he gives us front-row access to some pretty talented characters, including surfer-wildman Jamie O’Brien, pictured above.

10. Best all-around Hawaiian Islands – @hawaiimagazine


Hawaii Magazine’s Instagram account captures the photos, people and places behind its rich stories of life in the Islands.

11. Best Hawaii surfing photography – @laserwolf.photo


Surf photography is a tough, scrappy and exhausting line of work. Many people make a go at it but very few have the raw talent and patience to put in the years of work. Brandon “Laserwolf” Campbell is one of the honored few, and his magnificent surf photography speaks for itself.

12. Best Hawaii landscapes, sunsets and hikes – @petervanosdall

His Instagram account description may be pretty straightforward (“Landscapes, sunsets and hikes of Hawaii”), but his photos are soft, soothing and sultry. Nothing quite like a Hawaiian sunset!

13. Best Hawaii waterman lifestyle – @haakeaulana


In Hawaii, the term “waterman” applies to anyone — male or female — who centers their life and spirit around the ocean. This can mean surfing, paddling, diving, fishing, carving canoes, or just gathering at the beach. The @haakeaulana takes you there.

14. Best Hawaii wahine (woman’s) perspective – @ladyslider


Mix the richness of Hawaii with creative girl power and you got @ladyslider. Tara Michie, the talent behind the lens, is  a “Hawaii-based creative motived by visually pleasing things.” Here you will find her musings on waves, wanderlust and style.

15. Best of Waikiki – @the96815

Everyone who comes to Hawaii keeps a little fondness for Waikiki, especially nowadays as it transitions from kitschy tropical to sophisticated island contemporary. @the96815 (96815 is the ZIP code for Waikiki) guides you around the beaches, bars, eateries and other lively happenings around Hawaii’s favorite tourist and locals haunt.

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