What makes Hawaii an outdoor recreation paradise?

Ever wonder how people from Hawaii seem to have an extra glow to their skin and shine in their smile? You can get that in Hawaii, too, without even really trying! All you have to do is walk outside and move around any time of day, night or year.

Here’s what we have to say about it:

In Hawaii, you don’t need technology to survive.


The human body is meant to live in Hawaii. Our warm, sub-tropical climate makes it possible to exercise and move around outdoors 365 days a year without freezing or dangerously overheating.

In Hawaii, you can go for a run, surf and rock climb all in one day without needing to change your clothes.

The nice part about exercising in our warm weather is you tend to sweat more than normal, which forces you to hydrate more, which in turn flushes out toxins from your body much faster than you would in a cooler climate. This natural process also speeds up the metabolism, keeps the skin clear and helps you stay trim without as much effort.

The sun is another factor. Small daily doses of sun — using sunblock of course — are good for your skin (Vitamin D) and your over well being.

The Hawaiian ocean nurtures the body, mind and soul


Or is it the other way around? In either case, the ocean in Hawaii feels like it’s perfectly suited to make the human body feel amazing. That’s thanks to:

  • a temperature that’s never too cold or warm no matter what time of year
  • the constant motion of swells and current, which keeps the water clear, clean, fresh and teeming with life
  • open-ocean swells generated from storms thousands of miles away hit and refract off underwater reef shelves, resulting in some of the most perfect and powerful surf on the planet

There’s literally endless fun to be had outside…


You can pretty much do any outdoor recreational activity in Hawaii, year-round, except those requiring alpine or nordic (snow and ice) outdoor conditions. That leaves A LOT to do, starting with some obvious sports:

  • running, hiking, swimming, surfing (all varieties), biking, triathlon, tennis, golf, paddling, sailing, fishing

…and some less obvious sports:

  • scuba diving, spear fishing, free diving, jet skiing, parasailing, rock climbing, skydiving, ziplining

…and some even more less obvious sports:

  • cliff diving, lava tube spelunking, hang-gliding, hockey (yes, hockey), drag racing

The athletic community is immense and intense


Since everyone is active outdoors, there’s never a shortage of athletic and recreational clubs, teams, clinics, classes races and events you can join — all from the way from novice (your local neighborhood running club) to elite (Ironman and Xterra world championships).

If you’ve ever lived in a city…


…then you probably know that enjoying the outdoors is a rare treat, and it usually requires a ton of planning. That’s definitely not the case in Hawaii.

Staying active and having fun outdoors are way of life that can’t be avoided even if you tried. It’s just one of the reasons we say “Lucky you live Hawaii“!

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