How to enjoy Maui with children

Maui may be known a place of heavenly romance, but let’s not forget what romance often leads to — children!

Thanks to its nurturing climate and strong family values, Hawaii is one of the best places in the world for kids to visit (and grow up). If you’re considering a trip with your little ones, Maui will keep everyone happy.

Here are some of our recommendations:

The beach

It goes without saying that nearly all kids like the beach. Most beaches on Maui are what dreams are made of — warm, pleasant, sunny, with plenty of space to spread out and perfect-temperature water to play in. Also, most Hawaii beaches have lifeguards, restrooms and showers.

Our Maui family beach recommendations:

  • South Maui: Kama’ole Beach Park in Kihei, which includes three family-friendly beaches “Kam 1, 3 and 3.” Kam 3 has a large grassy field and offers great snorkeling. Keawakapu Beach is perfect for setting up a beach picnic.
  • North Shore: Baby Beach at Baldwin Beach Park, Ho’okipa Beach Park
  • East Maui: Hamoa Beach and Hana Bay

Tips: use plenty of sunblock, bring water, always lock your car, and be sure to wear slippers aka “flip flops” (the ground and sand can seriously burn your feet in the summer). Most important: be safe, don’t turn your back on the ocean and “when in doubt, don’t go out.”

Bonus: take a surfing lesson with Hawaiian Paddle Sports, or just ask our Sunny Maui Condos concierge to help you book a lesson.

The pool

Want to know the #1 way to entertain younger kids in Hawaii? It’s the hotel or condo swimming pool. For some reason, younger kids seem to love swimming pools more than the beach — probably because the water is calm and they can see the bottom.

Two things to remember about the pool:

  • Shade: do what the locals do and park your family early at the chaise lounge chairs with the umbrellas. As the day wears on, the sun will beam down from all angles, and you and the kids will definitely want a break from the powerful Hawaiian sunshine.
  • Like the beach, use plenty of sunblock!


There’s something magical about being underwater in Hawaii — it really is a different world, filled with beautiful exotic fish and other sea creatures, rocks, coral, sand, shells and even whale song. And the best part — it’s cool and comfortable.

There are plenty of places on Maui to snorkel:

  • Kapalua Bay in the summer – mostly calm with plenty of fish and a gently sloped beach
  • Kaanapali Beach, near the Westin Resort – crystal clear water, clean beach, tons of fish and honu (turtles).
  • Molokini – just two miles off Maui, you can book a snorkeling tour to one of the best snorkeling spots in all of Hawaii (just ask our concierge)

Maui Ocean Center

The Maui Ocean Center is the largest tropical reef aquarium in the USA, with over 60 exhibits, interpretive displays, outdoor tide pools, and a 750,000-gallon Open Ocean exhibit with 240-degree view acrylic tunnel.

Kids will  enjoy the rich cultural and educational programs, including “Turtle Lagoon,” “Sea Jelly Gallery,” and the giant indoor shark tank (sometimes they host “Sleep with the Sharks” sleepovers).

Ticket options for the Maui Ocean Center include week long passes so you can come back if the beach or pool get a little too hot or tiring.


Kids aren’t usually the first ones in the family to suggest a hike, but they certainly get into it once you’re on the trail. Maui has several family-friendly hikes, including:

  • Kapalua Coastal Trail – easy and ultra-scenic 3.5 mile roundtrip hike that’s part-pavement, part-dirt trail with great landscape variation. Be sure to check out Ironwood Beach, Dragon’s Teeth and several beaches. Bring water and sunblock — it gets hot and there’s no shade!
  • ‘Iao Valley – a relatively easy stroll — less than one hour — to views of majestic lush mountains. Great spot for photos.
  • Twin Falls on the road to Hana – lush tropical grounds with fruit trees (and fruit stands), bamboo groves and waterfalls. Be cautious of the last part to the falls — may not be suitable for young children.

Tip: bring bug spray and sunblock. You’ll thank us.

Other goodies…

Ziplining: bring out the daring side of your kids (5 and up) by letting them zip through Maui’s sub-tropical paradise terrain. Several vendors to choose from, just ask our concierge for a recommendation.

A luau: get (very) well fed, entertained and culturally educated all at once at the Old Lahaina Luau.

UFO Parasail: make your child’s dream of flying come true with a parasail ride. Take off seated from the water as a boat pulls your parachute into the sky. The views? Incredible.

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