Here are 9 incredible palm trees you’ll see in Hawaii

Anyone out there not a huge fan of palm trees? You can stop reading now.

For the rest of us who cherish, adore, and dream of palm trees — we’d like to help you identify some of the amazing palms that call Hawaii home.

First off, no palm in Hawaii is endemic, which means they were all introduced to the Islands at some point in time. This includes coconut trees, which were brought over by ancient Polynesians voyagers along with other foods like maiʻa (bananas), kalo (taro), and kō (sugarcane).

Many palms you’ll encounter in Hawaii are used for landscaping. They’re attractive, hearty, and full of character, and (obviously) grow well in our warm, moist climate.

Here are 9 incredible palm trees you’ll see around Hawaii:

Coconut palm

Those palm trees gently swooshing in the breeze, chances are you’re dreaming of coconut trees. These tall, iconic palms provide one of the world’s greatest superfoods, coconuts, as well as the perfect place to hang your hammock on the beach — between 2 coconut trees, of course.

Samoan dwarf coconut palm

Every now and then you’ll come upon a coconut tree that’s way shorter than what you’d expect. So short, in fact, that you can just reach up and pluck the coconuts right off! Dwarf coconut trees are perfect for anyone who loves coconuts but are either afraid of heights or don’t want to climb 30 feet for a fruit.

Areca Palm

Areca palms are originally from Madagascar and are now extremely common in Hawaii. They are easy to identify — they grow together in bunches, and they grow fast — about 30″ per year.

Rhapis Palm

Native to China and Taiwan, Rhapis palms are slow-growing and shade tolerant — more so than arecas. They have fan-shaped leaves and add a touch of class to any outdoor or indoor space. They are also known as “lady palm” and “broadleaf lady palm.”

Manila Palm

Manila palms can become an elegant statement when they are tall and mature, but they also make good focal points in small gardens. They are low maintenance and easy to grow, even indoors. As you might guess, Manila palms hail from the Philippines. They are also called Christmas Palm and Dwarf Royal.

Fishtail Palm

As the name implies, the leaves of the fishtail palm are shaped in a way that resemble the tail of goldfish. It gives the same kind of tropical look and privacy as bamboo, but without the quick spreading. They grow well indoors, too, as long as you have a large, bright area.

Foxtail Palm

My personal favorite. Foxtail is striking and beautiful, and make for excellent standalone trees or lined up along driveways and avenues for a more regal look. It’s very durable, adaptable and loves sunshine. Think “Tommy Bahama.”

Kentia Palm

Kentia trees grow tall and resemble a coconut palm. They are shade tolerant and do not prefer direct sunlight. Kentia can withstand neglect, too, including low humidity, lack of water, cool temperatures and low light conditions.

Macarthur Palm

Small and attractive, Macarthur palms are great indoor plants that don’t need extensive care or attention — just some occasional water. Wondering about that name? It’s from notable Australian botanist Sir William Macarthur of New South Wales.

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