Which Hawaiian island to visit? Maui, and here’s why

If you’re eager to visit Hawaii for the first time, picking the “best” island can be harder than you think. Each island — Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Maui, Lanai and The Big Island — offers an incredibly unique and diverse experience.

We’re going to make it really easy for you: pick Maui. And here’s why:

Maui has a ‘lil bit of everything

Okay — there’s no big city or active volcano on Maui, but you’ll find everything else you’ve ever dreamed Hawaii to be. This includes: gorgeous sandy beaches (gold, white, black and red sand), lush valleys with waterfalls, cool upcountry ranch lands, rain forests, small quaint towns and luxurious resorts.

It’s not just no ka oi (“the best”), it’s just right

Just like Baby Bear from Goldilocks, Maui is not too much or too little of any one thing.

For example, Maui isn’t as busy, crowded or condensed as Oahu — but it’s also not as slow as Molokai or sparse and spread out as the Big Island. It’s just the right size — it’s relatively easy to be around people or enjoy some solitude.

Also, most places on Maui are a relatively short distance and quick drive. On Oahu, the distance is short but the drive is long due to traffic. On the Big Island, there’s not much traffic but the distances are far.

OMG the food (and beer)

Thanks to it being so desirable (“just right with a ‘lil bit of everything,”) Maui attracts and cultivate some world-class cooking talent. Restaurants range from Simon Sheldon’s casual-yet-eclectic-local Tin Roof restaurant to Peter Merriman’s Monkeypod Kitchen to upscale Mama’s Fish House in Paia .

And lest we forget — some of the tastiest craft beer in the Pacific by Maui Brewing Company and Kohola Brewing.


Sure, the Big Island may have a much larger “upcountry” than Maui, but Maui’s upcountry is much quicker and easier to access. Upcountry Maui is home to several small, charming towns such as Kula and Makawao, where you’ll find several quaint restaurants, coffee shops and art galleries.

The views from upcountry Maui are stunning as well. And you can pick your own strawberries!


High above upcountry Maui is a place like no other: Haleakala. This ancient dormant volcano is easy to access by car, and has an elevation of 10,023 meters, which is far easier on the body than the 13,796 ft summit of Mauna Kea.

The difference in elevation is noticeable: visitors to Mauna Kea are advised to acclimate for at least 1 hour at the Visitor’s Center which sits at 10,000 feet (the approximate summit of Haleakala). As you go further up, both oxygen and atmosphere start to thin, which can be quite uncomfortable and dizzy.

You can see other islands

They say location is key in real estate and business. Well, the same is true for islands.

Maui is positioned in the approximate center of Hawaii and clustered around some of our smaller-but-equally charming islands. This means that from any given location on Maui, you can enjoy a wholly breathtaking view of Lanai, Molokai, Kahoolawe, Oahu and the Big Island.

There’s a lot going on all the time

Just like the foodie scene, Maui’s popularity and diversity attracts a great deal of world-class events throughout the year.

To name a few: Kapalua Food and Wine Festival, The Maui International Film Festival (keep your eyes peeled for Hollywood A-listers), the Beachwater Maui Pro surf contest at Honolua Bay, the Big Wave Tour at Jaws, and an ongoing lineup of festivals, concerts and more.

So there you have it…what are you waiting for? Book your ticket and accommodations in Maui now!


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Need a hand with your next Maui vacation? Please contact the Sunny Maui Vacations team at info@sunnymauivacations.com or call 808-240-1311, ext. 21. We’ll find you the best vacation rental condo or rental home in South Maui and help you with any and all recommendations and activities across Maui.