Top 10 places on Maui to share a kiss

Maui is all about romance: just ask any couple who’s been here or met for the first time. We’ve gathered the top ten places for lovers to share a kiss on Maui — enjoy!

La Perouse Bay


La Perouse Bay is the call if you and your sweetheart are into remote and rugged romance. Tucked away in Maui’s Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve on the South Shore, this beautiful natural wonder offers several little sandy coves and tidal pools tucked between dramatic black lava outcroppings.

Sunset Cruise on Alii Nui


First-class service and full amenities aboard a 65-foot catamaran cruising the azure Hawaiian waters is one thing. But how about stealing a once-in-a-lifetime kiss from the ship deck while the sun sets into the dreamy Maui horizon?

Lavender Farm – Polipoli State Park


A rendezvous at this upcountry Maui retreat includes a stroll among sweetly scented lavender plants and a breathtaking view of the south Maui coastline and west Maui mountains. Totally worth the drive *wink *wink.

Big Beach at Sunset


Makena (aka Big Beach) is one of those Maui beaches where everything comes together in perfect harmony: a mile of pristine golden sand, dramatic cliff landscape and sparkling azure waters. What you do here is all up to you…

Day Trip to Lanai’s Sweetheart Rock


Hawaiian legend reveals that Sweetheart Rock is a place of mysterious and haunting beauty involving a ravishing princess from Maui and her warrior lover from Lanai. Not a bad way to spend a special moment with your beloved, eh?

Pipiwai Trail — Waimoku Waterfalls


Hike in four miles through a majestic tropical forest, complete with bamboo forests and lush cliff lookouts. Then, at the end, you reach Waimoku Falls, a 400-foot gorgeous waterfall cascading down from the stream above. Then you kiss!

Dinner at Capiche


Capiche restaurant in The Hotel Wailea is a luxury affair designed for lovers. The tables on the outdoor lanai offer dreamy views while you enjoy world-class food and wine. Says one Yelp reviewer: this is “Perfect Romantic Dining.”

Honolua Bay


Sure, Honolua Bay has some of the best surfing in all of Hawaii, but you can also make your own waves here. A small hike to the tiny beach will get you access to excellent snorkeling (if the surf is down) and plenty of private time for smooching.

Sunrise at Haleakala


Photos and descriptions don’t do this place justice. Trekking to the top of Maui’s “House of the Sun” just as a new day breaks is one of the most intense and romantic things you’ll do — ever.

West Maui & Molokai Helicopter Tour


The pilot will certainly understand if you lean over to your significant other and steal a kiss. After all, you’re floating above some of the world’s most sultry scenery in small quarters, and…it will just feel right.

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