The ultimate handy guide to Maui’s regions and towns

Thanks to its mountain ranges, varied climates, and diverse people, visiting Maui never gets old. We’ve assembled a handy guide to The Valley Isle’s various regions, broken down by region and town. Enjoy!

West Maui

Mostly sunny, classic golden sand beaches, lots of shopping and restaurants.


Remote luxury resorts (ahem Ritz-Carlton), pristine beaches and world-class golf courses. A good place to stay put.


Old whaling town, former capital of State of Hawaii. Tons of dining, shopping and art galleries. Great surfing, too.


A master-planned family resort with classy hotels and a three-mile long beach.

East Maui

Remote, rugged beauty, solitude, camping, beaches with red and black sand, bamboo forests, jungles, waterfalls, hiking and roadside fruit stands.


The crown jewel of Maui’s remote east shore, accessible via a curvy yet breathtaking 52-mile drive. Very little signs of progress, which is jus the way it should be.


Not really a town, but a remote region that’s part of the Haleakala National Park where you can enjoy rainforests, waterfalls, bamboo forests, black lava cliffs meeting the blue sea, and the famous
Pipiwai Trail.


An ancient Hawaiian settlement that sits on a lovely peninsula with dramatic views of the Hana Highway and waves crashing into the rough lava rocks (hence no swimming). Good place to grab a smoothie.

Central Maui

Convenient location, lush green mountains, quaint, charming, small town vibes, small cafes and corner stores, center of island’s business community, scant accommodations.


Maui’s industrial, commercial and transportation center, and location of the island’s largest airport. Also home to Maui’s two latest shopping malls.


Capital of Maui and the center of culture. Great restaurants, historic buildings and ample shopping. Wailuku is currently going through a revitalization.


This harbor at the south edge of the valley is home to a world-class aquarium, a few restaurants and the boat launching point for many of Maui’s spectacular water activities.

South Maui

Dry and sunny climate (85°F year-round!), laid-back vibes, accommodations from vacation rentals to 5-star luxury, excellent shopping and restaurants.

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A bustling town with tons of affordable shopping, dining, activities and beaches / beach parks.

Makena and Wailea

Gorgeously-manicured resorts, upscale accommodations (and shopping / dining), golf courses.

North Shore / Upcountry

Cooler temps (in the higher elevations of Haleakala), botanical gardens, lush, tropical scenery, art and artists, no major resorts, more privacy.


An old paniolo (cowboy) town mixed with a new wave of residents and charming coffee shops and cool nights.


Historic plantation village turned trendy art town. Full of lovely boutiques, surf shops and old mom-and-pop shops. Home to the world’s best windsurfing spot, Ho’okipa.


Nice and cool and remote, with stunning views and wide open space to grow things.

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