Running a marathon soon? Try Maui!

So, you’re at a point in your life where a marathon sounds like the thing to do — congrats, we commend you!

A marathon is a one of the most respectable ways to prove to yourself that you are strong enough to push through a great deal of pain over several hours in pursuit of a single goal: to finish.

Train to race

Deciding to run a marathon can appear crazy, and that’s because…it is!

What kind of normal person just decides to run nearly every day for 3-4 months straight over hundreds of miles? Who takes their Sunday morning to do a 22-miler?

A marathon requires a great deal of mental and physical discipline, hours of time and most of all — commitment.

There will be times when your body hates you and will tell you it’s time to quit, but that’s when your mind needs to take control and remind you that you are training to race.

Again — it’s all about being committed to your training and conditioning for race day, where the sweet glory of victory awaits you at the 26.2 mile finish line.

The Maui Marathon race and its course

One of the most beautiful, scenic places on Earth to do a marathon has got to be Maui. The Maui Marathon is held on Sunday, October 15, 2017, right when the summer heat gives way to slightly cooler fall temperatures (as opposed to the Kona Marathon held in scorching hot July).

The full marathon starts at 5am on Ho’okele Street near the Hana Hwy in Kahului and ends in Kaanapali. You’ll be treated to a mostly-flat course, friendly staff, Hawaiian entertainment, plenty of aid stations and port-a-potties and — of course — breathtaking mountain and ocean views.

Here’s a video to get you excited:

“The course was also absolutely spectacular, especially whenever you pass Maalea and head up to Lahaina.”
—Jason F, Yelp reviewer

Please be advised that the race is run at mostly sea level, so you can expect warm to hot temperatures. Tradewinds do help with cooling but are not guaranteed. If you’re flying in to run the race, we advise you arrive in Hawaii at least one week prior in order to acclimate to the heat and humidity.

Excited but not ready for the full marathon?

The Maui Marathon also offers a 10k (6.2 miles) and a half marathon (13.1 miles), which might be a better option if you’re not able to properly prepare for the entire 26.2 miles.

You can also volunteer, which feels amazing! You get to help runners achieve their goal of completing the race — many of which are for a personal cause — by handing out water and food and cheering them on. Trust us: without volunteers, marathons would not exist.

Ready to run?

Photo credits: Maui Marathon, 9977305@N03crosscolin45061488@N05makenag

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