How to not get depressed when it’s your last day on Maui


There’s definitely something melancholy about the day you have to say “a hui hou”* to the Hawaiian Islands, namely Maui. You’ve got some much-needed sun on your skin, a little sand in your toes and dreamy memories to keep you going until the next vacay.

But just because you have to board a stuffy airplane back home to your daily grind doesn’t mean you have to write off your last day.

Here are some a few simple ways to make your last day count:

Always ask for late checkout

Spend more time here with late check-out

Spend more time here with late check-out

Imaging waking up on your last day of vacation without that depressing rushy feeling to clear out of your room so the next lucky party can enjoy it. Instead, you get to relax on the beach or just gaze out onto the ocean from your lanai as the tradewinds blow away your stress and anxiety

Most vacation rentals offer a late check-out option, so instead of leaving at 11am you get to leave at 1 or 2pm — or even stay until you leave for the airport for your red-eye. It may cost you the price of full or half-day rate, but the benefit is you get to relax longer and still have time to wash off the salt and sand before voyaging home.

Tip: it’s best to confirm a late check-out ahead of time, especially if you’re really counting on it. Sometimes a late check out is complimentary, but that’s usually a last minute bonus with no guarantees.

Winging it without late check out

Wake up early and this can all be yours!

Wake up early and this can all be yours!

Let’s say late check out doesn’t work for you. That’s not a problem. You can always pack the night before, set the alarm a little early and hit the beach in the morning when it’s still and far less hot and crowded.

In fact, you’d be surprised how likely it is to have the whole beach to yourself just as the sun’s coming up.

Not a bad place to enjoy your last meal on Maui, huh? (Mama's Fish House)

Mama’s Fish House — not a bad place to enjoy your last meal on Maui, huh?

Maui is yours to explore once you check out of your condo. There are boundless options for last minute dining, exploring and souvenir shopping, such as:

View from the Kula Lavender Farm

View from the Kula Lavender Farm

If you’ve got a little more time or ambition — or both — take a drive to upcountry Maui where it’s cooler and potentially more eclectic:

Find an event

Check the Maui Cultural Center’s event calendar. If it is the weekend, chances are you come across a fun event at the MACC.

*A hui hou means “until we meet again” in Hawaiian. Much better than saying goodbye, right?

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