How to get started surfing on Maui, part 2

Surfing on Maui
Welcome to Part 2 of our “Surfing on Maui” series. If you read Part 1, you’ll know that you don’t necessarily need a surfboard to go surfing. In fact, it’s often more accurate to just call it “waveriding.”

Either way, this post integrates those basics of waveriding into the magic of Maui. Let’s get started!

Where to Surf on Maui

Surfing on Maui

There are hundreds of places to surf on Maui — way too many to list here. What we’ve got here is a short list of breaks sorted by skill level. With respect to the Maui’s surfers, we’re not going to reveal exact locations, but it’s easy to find out if you just ask around:

baby and mama surfing at Launiupoko

Baby and mama surfing at Launiupoko

Beginner – South and West Maui produce more gentle waves in the summer months. Lessons and rentals are available in Lahaina and Kaanapali.

  • The Cove in Kihei – great for learning
  • Breakwalls or Guardrails on the west side (although Breakwalls can become epic!)
  • Thousand Peaks or Launiupoko – there are lots of breaks in one area here, so it’s easy to find a peak all to yourself


  • Rainbows, Shark Pit, Pools, The Harbor (Lahaina), Mala’s


  • Ho’okipa, Honolua, Windmills, Freight Trains


Jaws surfing Maui

  • Peahi (aka Jaws, as seen above)

Only surf the Advanced spots if you’re an expert or just downright insane. In the case of Jaws, you have to be both!

Learn some basic surfer code


Surfing is a unique sport that has a lot of unwritten rules, kind of like a code of honor. It all starts with a healthy respect for the ocean. Here are a few basic rules you need to know:

Don’t want to surf after all?

snorkeling on Maui

The ocean is a big and varied playground, which means there are other fun and exciting alternatives to surfing. You can go for a swim, go snorkeling diving, fishing, boating, sailing, parasailing and jet-skiing.

Sometimes just watching the ocean is enough to make us happy!

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