7 quick and practical tips to help you enjoy Hawaii better

Hawaii is like no place on Earth. It’s beautiful and charming, but it’s also complex and sensitive. Absorb these seven tidbits of wisdom and you’ll be on your way to a better and more fulfilling visit.

Go beyond touristy

Ok, there is something definitely romantic about beautiful, tan, half-naked people strumming ukuleles and dancing hula under swaying palm trees with the sounds of the gentle surf in the background.

But that’s one tiny part of the real Hawaii.

Here we have a melting pot of cultures and food, breathtaking vistas and of course — warmhearted people who balance their expectations of happiness with the simple things in life. That’s the Hawaii you really want.

Give aloha to get aloha

Aloha is a word recognized around the world. But what does it mean?

Think of aloha as all the love, good feelings and well wishes you want to flow through your life. Now think of aloha flowing through everyone’s life.

If you want aloha to come your way, share some of yours with others. Even a little goes a long way.

Rent a place with a kitchen and a grill

Not prepared to eat every meal out? We don’t blame you — eating out (or getting room service) adds up very quick. To save a little cash, rent a condo with a kitchen and grills. Then find the nearest Costco (trust us on this one — most everything you need is here).

Don’t want to bother cooking? No problem — Maui’s a great place to eat out.

Also: find the farmers markets, and be there with cash in hand.

Respect the ocean

Hawaii, as you know, is surrounded entirely by ocean, and lots of it. Our ocean is very much alive with rip currents, swells, waves, tides, reef, boulders, rocks and — ahem — sharks.

Before you enter the water, make sure you know basic swimming skills. If not, stick to the pool or beaches with ultra-calm water and lifeguards. Even the most expert watermen and women practice water-caution in Hawaii.

Respect the ‘aina

‘Aina is the Hawaiian word for land. Hawaii is a small place and land here is not only scarce but sacred. Respect the land.

To top that off, there is a great deal of private property here. It can be tempting to trespass say, across a gated field, to get to a fantastic hiking trail, but we advise against it if you don’t have permission.

Mind your stuff

Unfortunately, tourists in Hawaii can be common targets for petty thieves. Rental car break-ins happen, as do swiping of personal belongings on the beach — often in broad daylight.

Rule of thumb: carry only what you need and always keep your wallet, phone and keys on you. If you go in the water, keep your stuff where you can always see it, or take turns with someone in your party.

Be patient

Reality: the pace of Hawaii is slow…things take time here…they take longer…accept this…relax.

Image credits: Unsplash, pierreleclerc, frankiesbestshots

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