7 perfectly sensible reasons to visit Maui this winter

Let’s start with the obvious: the perfect weather

Maui is about as comfortable as it gets for humans. Just think about it: you actually don’t need any technology to survive here. So while the rest of the mainland is darker and colder, we’re walking around half-naked in December. (And unlike July thru September, it’s not as hot and humid).

Surfing is world class

Winter storms off Japan and Alaska’s Aleutian Islands send large open-ocean swells down to the West Coast and the exposed north and west shores of the Hawaiian islands. Translation: the waves are INSANE here from October thru April. Don’t take our word for it, just watch the surfers and see.

There’s a buzz in the air (and water)

Come to Maui in the winter and feel the buzz! The energy here is much livelier and exciting thanks to cooler weather, large surf and people who are just happy to have sun on their face and salt in their hair. Trust us, it’s a good thing!

It doesn’t have to break the bank

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because it’s the high season you can’t visit. The truth is, a dream Maui vacation is totally possible as well as feasible. Just keep in mind that as inventory goes down, prices go up — so planning ahead is key.

It’s powerful natural therapy for those winter blues

Do you dread winters where you live? Don’t feel bad, most people do. The human spirit (and body) is not naturally attracted to living in cold, wet, dark conditions.

If you can just get yourself on that airplane to Maui, you’ll find yourself in heavenly paradise in just a few short hours — it’s that easy. The harsher your winter, the more drastic and welcome the change.

You’ll meet other winter travelers

Being in Maui in the winter feels like being “a chosen one.” You meet people who — just like you — could not feel happier and more deserving of their Hawaiian getaway.

Besides — life’s too short to be cold, miserable and uncomfortable.


Take it as a good sign that humans aren’t the only ones who think Maui in the winter is a great idea — the whales know it, too.

Every winter, scores of beautiful, graceful humpback whales migrate to the warm shallow waters off Maui to breed. If you’re here in the winter, you simply can’t not see them.

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