5 alluring reasons to stay up late in Maui

Hawaii is usually known as an early-to-bed / early-to-rise destination, but there’s plenty of adventure to be had at night. Here are a few great suggestions:

Dive with manta rays

If you’re comfortable or at least curious about diving at night, try the surreal experience of snorkeling with manta rays.

Mantas are gentle and curious creatures. They neither bite nor sting, which means they won’t hurt you. In fact, manta ray diving has been hailed by the Travel Channel as “one of the top 10 things to do in your lifetime.”

In Maui, you can often spot these graceful creatures along the South Shore — including Wailea Point reef — as well as Olowalu and Molokini.

Watch the stars from Haleakala

If you do some research on “things to do in Maui,” it soon becomes obvious that “watching the sunrise from Haleakala” is extremely popular.

We can’t deny that witnessing the dawn of a new day from the top of an extinct volcano is an outstanding experience.

However, keep in mind that: 1) it’s crowded, 2) you have to wake up in the middle of the night to get there on time and get a spot, and 3) advanced reservations are required.

If you still want to experience some true Maui magic, take a scenic drive up to the summit for the glorious sunset, then hang around for some of the most beautiful stargazing you’ll ever witness.

Stargazing at high altitudes is superior because you’re above the dense air that holds haze, fog, and smoke. You also get full 360° degree views of the sky, and light pollution is nearly non-existent.

Tip: There are pullover spots every mile where you can privately park your car, have a snack, take pictures, and meditate on the Universe.

And if you can’t make the trek to the summit of Haleakala, stargazing from the beach isn’t a bad second place.

Take a night walk

Walking at night in Hawaii is cool, breezy…you could even say dreamy.

For example, you could plan to burn off some of your dinner with a brisk but pleasant walk along the Wailea coastline path, which is a respectable 1.6 miles each way.

From here you can take in the nighttime glitz of oceanfront resorts, tiki torches, and blissful people on one side, and the soothing sounds of the ocean lapping the shore on the other. Plus the stars above!

Note: Ka‘anapali offers a similar beachside boardwalk.

Go to a luau

If you’re taking that suggested night walk in Wailea or Ka’anapali, chances are you’ll witness the powerful rhythms of Polynesian drums and hula dancers. Welcome to the luau!

Attending a luau is a great intro to Hawaiian (and other Polynesian) culture. A typical luau includes storytelling, comedy, mesmerizing dances, and fire shows — all while eating delicious Hawaiian food under the Hawaiian night sky.

We recommend: Te Au Moana Luau in Wailea or Maui Nui Luau in Ka’anapali.

Go shopping when it’s not so hot

Shopping in the day at the mall can be fun, but not so much when the mall is outdoors and it’s 87° and humid ?

What’s way more enjoyable is to shop in the evenings when it’s cool and comfortable.

Our favorite night shopping spot is The Shops at Wailea, which is open to 9pm every day. After winding down the day at Tommy Bahamas famous happy hour, why not slowly meander through the shops and enjoy the free entertainment.

If you’re in Ka’anapali, Whaler’s Village is also a fun evening spot. We love Monkeypod Kitchen, which has a great happy hour and live music from 3–5pm and 6–8pm.

Image credits: thomashawk, Sebastian Pena Lambarri, rosasay, Tuva Hoyer

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