5 mindful ways to cope when you can’t travel

The extent of damage caused by the coronavirus may not be fully realized for years, but one thing is for sure: nearly all plans for non-essential travel has come to a sudden halt…and it hurts 💔

Now, with all this extra time on our hands, we’ve come up with a few ways to ease the pain of canceled plans and staying put. Check them out:

Travel locally

You may not be able to enjoy Hawaii right now, but wherever you are — surely there are wonderful places to see and things to do. Staycations can provide immediate medicine for helping that “stuck-at-home” depression.

Maybe it’s a road trip or just taking a long hike in nature. The goal is to get back to basics and be in the present moment.

Keep planning

“This too shall pass,” the saying goes — which means things WILL open up and you WILL take that trip.

You may not be able to travel now, there’s nothing stopping you from planning your travel. And, when you’re ready — Sunny Maui Vacations is ready for you.  What are you waiting for?

Reach for the sun

Aside from nurturing the soul, sunshine helps the body produce Vitamin D, an essential nutrient that aids absorption of calcium by the body. It’s also important for growth and protects against muscle weakness.

So…when the sun is out, go enjoy it!

Connect with others

Humans are gregarious, which makes orders to “shelter in place” very challenging for most people, who thrive on socializing.

Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you have to feel isolated. Consider a daily practice of reaching out to at least one friend or loved one a day, whether by text, phone, or the unofficial communication tool of 2020: Zoom.

Move it

Exercise is a MUST for any stage of life, pandemic or no pandemic. When you move, you clean your bloodstream, trim your waistline and release endorphins. You simply feel better.

All that time you thought you lost by being “busy”? Well, you just got it back. And there are no excuses. Go for a run or a swim — no one’s looking!

A hui hou

There is no word for goodbye in Hawaiian. Instead, we say a hui hou which means “until we meet again.” When all of this passes, we will continue to provide our same warm hospitality, aloha and commitment to your comfort and happiness. Contact us anytime at info@sunnymauivacations.com or (808) 240-1311. A hui hou!

Image credits: Luca Bravo, Ris & Ry, Corryne Wooten, Zahid Lilani, Neal E. Johnson, Johannes Plenio, Colton Jones, Chris Montgomery

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