12 AI-generated images of Hawaii that are actually quite amazing

Welcome to the age of AI! With all the exciting tools within reach, it was just a matter of time before we tapped into Dall-E to see what kind of Hawaii magic is possible.

Dall-E did not disappoint. After tons of prompting and tweaks and iterations, we created 12 postcard-worthy images of Hawaii for you all to enjoy.

Disclaimer: these images are depictions of life in Hawaii and are not historically, culturally, geographically accurate.

Ancient Hawaiians lived with lōkahi, which means balance and harmony

The ‘āina (land) and kai (sea) provided everything you needed to live

Ahupua’a subdivided parcels of each island from mountains to ocean to ensure sustainable resources

Hawaiians had sophisticated farming practices, with the principal crop being kalo (taro)

They also feared and respected many deities, most notably Pele, the goddess of fire and volcanoes

Ancient Hawaiians used canoes for fishing, transportation, and warfare

Here’s an unusual image of Waikiki long before hotels, looking like an isthmus

Here’s an image of Waipio Valley on Hawai’i Island, where King Kamehameha I spent his childhood

Imagine hiking in Hawaii and discovering this!

A scene like this isn’t too far from reality in Hawaii

A lūʻau is a traditional Hawaiian feast with music, dance, and delicious local dishes

See you in paradise 🌴

Let’s embrace responsible tourism — it’s not just where you go, it’s about how you travel and leaving a positive impact. By supporting local businesses, from family-owned cafes to farmers markets, you can boost the local economy and help perpetuate the indigenous culture.

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