7 ways to stay fit in Hawaii when all you want to do is relax

We understand that vacations are for relaxing, but how much relaxing is too much? After all, nobody likes to return home feeling, how shall I say, gross and forced on a diet.

The most simple way to achieve “vacation-relaxation balance” is to stay active in between those periods of inactivity.

Thankfully this is Hawaii, and being active comes naturally here! Here are some ideas to get you going (don’t laugh, they’re very simple):

Just walk

Ah, the joy of walking — especially across a warm and sunny tropical island with swaying palm trees, singing birds, and beautiful people.

And if you need to multitask — talk on the phone, listen to a podcast, juggle pineapples, whatever suits your fancy — go right ahead.

And remember — hiking is also walking.

…or run

Running is not only a super efficient way to burn off last night’s luau, it’s also a way to get oriented in a new place when you first arrive.

Hawaii has superb running opportunities on the road, trails, and best of all — the beach. Runners are everywhere here, so you you’ll never feel awkward.

…or bike

Bike rentals are everywhere, and so are the variety of bikes you can rent: beach cruisers for flat places (no- hill beach towns like Lahaina), mountain bikes for off-roading, street bikes for triathlon training, and — for that extra boost — battery-powered bikes.

Word of advice: Hawaii is not as bike-friendly as some other places, so be sure to wear a helmet, and be super mindful of drivers and pedestrians.


TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) is the ultimate DIY suspension fitness trainer that combines straps and gravity to keep your body lean and toned. It was invented by Randy Hetrick, a former Navy SEAL and Stanford MBA who affixed his mistakenly-packed jiu-jitsu belt to a closed door while deployed overseas.

For traveling, purchase the “TRX GO” — it’s only about the size of a pair of rolled-up shorts.

Be sure to watch a few TRX videos on YouTube to get started, otherwise it won’t do much but take up space in your suitcase (*ahem* I personally know all about this).

Drop-in yoga

Yoga is everywhere in Hawaii, more than bike rentals. A quick search on Google maps will pull up the nearest yoga studio to you, which always offers a drop-in class. To increase your comfort, bring your own mat.

Yoga is also social…get the idea?

All things water

Swimming, surfing, diving and paddling — Hawaii is world-class in all these categories, and each category has options.

For example, I’m sure you know you can take a surf lesson in Hawaii…but did you also know you can surf without a surfboard?

Wanna paddle? Choose from a kayak, 6-seat outrigger canoe, one-man outrigger canoe, paddleboard, and more.

Do as the locals do

This tip isn’t a obvious as the other ones, but it deserves some thought.

When you observe and talk to active locals, you’ll get a sense of how naturally the active and inactive parts of our lives flow into a single, holistic lifestyle.

It’s a fabulous way to live, and I invite you to enjoy it to the fullest!

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Image credits: Simon English, Alain Bonnardeaux, Peter Caldwell, deepigoyal, Drew Farwell, Patrick Hendry, Jakob Owens

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