7 unique Hawaiian gifts that are actually made in Hawaii

OK — time to ditch those cheesy plastic flower leis, cheap tiki statues, and baskets of dyed colored shells (they’re made in China anyway) and get on board with these 7 gifts that are actually from Hawaii.

Handmade soaps

Staying clean is one of the highest courtesies you can pay yourself and others – especially in these modern times. Fortunately there are several fine soap makers across the islands. Here are a few we recommend:

Literally anything from SOHA

SOHA Living (that’s short for South of Hawai’i) is a boutique store that’s all about “everyday aloha” and living the good Hawaii life.

Here you’ll find bags, wooden signs, linens, artwork, pillows, stationary, and hundreds of other genuinely charming trinkets.

SOHA currently has 12 locations across the islands, and it’s literally my favorite store in all of Hawaii.

Coffee, of course

Everyone knows about Kona coffee, which is wonderful of course, but keep in mind that coffee grows across all islands, and each variety has its own character.

For example, there’s Ka’u and Honoka’a coffee from the Big Island, Ka’anapali Estate Coffee from Maui, Moloka’i Muleskinner Coffee and Kauai Coffee, home to the largest coffee farm in the country.

Bonus: The 5 hottest coffee destinations on Maui

Chocolate-covered macadamia nuts

Call it cliche, but chocolate-covered Mac nuts are still the most reliable gift you can give anyone back home. Every person across all walks of life seem to love them.

As the years have passed, we’ve seen this iconic choco-treat expand its repertoire from a single milk chocolate variety to dark chocolate, dark chocolate with sea salt caramel, milk chocolate with coconut, matcha chocolate, white chocolate, Caramacs, and more.

Find them pretty much anywhere in Hawaii.


While we’re on the subject of sugar, let’s talk about some of these seriously tasty cookies from Hawaii:

The Maui Cookie Lady: these cookies are famous thanks to multiple celebrity endorsements and lots of positive press. How does a Butter Rum Triple Chunker cookie sound?

Honolulu Cookie Company: you’ll recognize these shortbread cookies by their signature pineapple shape. Enjoy such delectable flavors as Dark Triple Chocolate Macadamia, Guava, Dark Chocolate Coconut, White Chocolate Kona Coffee, Matcha Dipped Macadamia, and more.

Big Island Candies: signature shortbread with flavors like Kona mocha, taro, macadamia nut, pineapple, coconut, and coffee — many of which are dipped in chocolate.

Sweet potato and taro chips

If potato chips are one of life’s greatest discoveries, imagine adding a twist of sweet potato and taro.

Good news: you can totally do that, thanks to the Hawaiian Chip Company.

These delectable treats are available in most markets in Hawaii, but the best deal can be found at Costco.

Hawaiian shell bangles

Wanna really show off that you’re “in” with Hawaii?

Try shell bangles — it’s what the local wahine (women) wear. Basically, it’s a silver or gold bracelet that goes through a Hawaiian shell with a small puka (hole).

You can make a statement and wear several shell bangles at once. This is especially meaningful if each bangle, in typical Hawaiian tradition, comes with a personal story.

Get your bangles at Ki-eleBeach Girl Jewelry, or your favorite Hawaiian jeweler.

(Psst — this is a gift you can gift yourself.)

Image credits: Katya Austin, slgc, Hawaiian Chip Company, North Shore Soap Company

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