7 sacred places on Maui to find your true self

Sure, Maui’s got world-class beaches and luxury resorts and just about every other pleasure you can imagine — but what’s beyond that?

A lot, actually. Maui is abundant with all different kinds of sacred spaces to help you get more centered and balanced. Here are some we’d like to share:

Haleakala Summit


Nothing can truly prepare you for the feeling you’ll experience on top of Maui’s highest and most sacred mountain. The setting is otherworldly — intense, vivid and evocative, with cinder deserts, lava landscapes and some of the most awesome nighttime stargazing on the planet.

One of the most popular activities for locals and tourists alike is to watch the sunrise from Haleakala. It’s a stunning experience worth waking up for.

ʻĪao Valley


Peaceful, lush and tropical, ‘Īao (which translates to “cloud supreme”) is a famous Maui landmark renown for its rainforests and natural water features.

Here you can take a quick but deeply introspective hike through some of Maui’s finest natural wonders — all while contemplating your special place in the Universe.

Piʻilanihale Heiau


Heiaus are ancient places of worship built before Western contact. They are found throughout all of Hawaii in all shapes and sizes. The Piʻilanihale heiau near Hana is the largest in all of Polynesia — five stories high and large enough to hold almost ten football fields(!).

Another perk: this massive temple is located in a National Tropical Botanical Park on a dramatic wind-swept coast, framed by lush vegetation and swaying coconut trees. Imagine the power and inspiration you might find here!



Moku‘ula was a 1-acre sandbar island in Lahaina, the once-private island of King Kamehameha III and the burial site of many Hawaiian royals. It’s now buried under an abandoned baseball field.

The site is said to be guarded by mo‘o (gecko) goddess Kihawahine. Moku‘ula was was once known as the place of the “Sacred Red Mists,” a resting spot during turbulent times as well as a center of energy and power. Efforts are underway to restore the area. Imagine what you might find here!

Maui Dharma Center


Tucked away in charming Paia town, the Maui Dharma Center is a small and beautiful place to cultivate your inner bliss. Outside you will find a sacred spiritual shrine called a dharma stupa, rising 27 feet high. This magnificent monument is built as an architectural expression of the Buddha’s teachings and used for prayer, meditation and holistic wishes of peace and love.

The center offers meditation sessions to the public on Sundays. You’ll also be pleased to know that His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama blessed this site in April, 2007.

Waihe‘e Ridge


There are hikes and there are hikes. Waihee Ridge in the West Maui Mountains offers a vigorous traverse through mystical native forests. On your way, you may hear nothing but the sound of the wind or a bird in the distance. The views are rewarding, too: Molokai, Oahu, the azure Pacific Ocean and Haleakala Mountain.

This area was once a place of refuge, where those convicted of a crime would be granted immunity from punishment — if they could make it here. What you make of it all in the Waihe‘e wilderness is entirely up to you.

Wherever you are


That’s right: you can find sacred space right where you’re standing. Sometimes all it takes is deep, mindful breathing and the clearing of thoughts to uncover the inner peace that lies within.

And, if you’re going to do it, might as well be doing it on Maui…right?

Photo credits: envios, Maui Magazine, Mendo News, billdpix, Maui Dharma Center, Inspiration Point Studio

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