7 reasons why I love being a property manager on Maui


Early mornings on Maui are exquisite and beautiful. Birds start the day with busy morning conversations. Hues of pink, blue, white and bright orange twirl in the sky — just like they do at sundown.

Sounds idyllic, right? The reality is, I wake up most mornings with a purring cat tap-dancing on my head demanding food and attention— well before the 5:40am alarm goes off.

Then there’s email. Before the first cup of coffee, I skim through an inbox so full you’d think I just got back from vacation. All the people hours ahead of Hawaii have been emailing me in my sleep.

Despite all the action, I still make time to look out the window to appreciate another beautiful day, and why I love being a property manager on Maui Nei:

1. It is a great way to start a morning 🙂


2. No two days are the same


Variety makes my job exciting. Sure, some daily work is planned, but each day comes with its own twist. Somedays it’s just a phone call, other days it’s a serendipitous meeting with a guest or client.

3. Rental managers need to be problem solvers


And I love being one! There is nothing like a great challenge and the satisfaction of successfully solving a problem. Every day is filled with multiple opportunities when quick thinking and decision making is the key to guests’ and clients’ happiness.

4. I get to help others


I’m the lucky person who gets to make vacation dreams come true. Guests put their trust in me to help make the most of this sacred time with loved ones, a trip they’ve worked hard for.

The exciting challenge for me is to make my guests happy desires in a creative, nimble way.

5. Technology moves faster than lighting


I used to work a corporate job. We learned new skills and used new technology, but the things I’ve learned running my own property management business run at a much faster pace.

Take the Sunny Maui Condos mobile app, for instance: I can’t tell you how stupid and frustrated I felt while building it, but now that it’s out there and our guests use it and love it, it’s awesome!

6. I love meeting different people


My position places me right in the nexus of guests, vendors, real estate agents and contractors. Talk about uplifting!

7. I love building a team that wins


Running this business allows me to help people reach their goals. I get to rally my team around pure positivity and a strong work ethic.

The harder we work, the happier the guests and clients, the more the business blossoms!

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