17 must-buy goodies at Costco in Hawaii

Ah, Costco — can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

In Hawaii, Costco is a lifeline to nearly everyone thanks to its die-hard commitment to low prices, high quality, and huge variety of products.

If you planning on spending more than 10 days in Hawaii, I recommend a shopping trip to Costco where you can stock up on everything you need (and more) for about the same price as 3 days of eating out.

The cool thing about Costco in Hawaii are the local products you can’t find in any other Costco in the world.

Here are some of our favorites, in no particular order

Aloha shirts

Last minute happy hour date? Costco Hawaii has you covered, literally.


The most versatile piece of feminine clothing in the tropics.

Chocolate-covered macadamia nuts

They’ve been around forever, yet never get old.

Hawaiian BBQ seasoning salt

Take that local flavor back home in your suitcase.

Hawaiian coffee

Very good prices considering the average price elsewhere is about $40/lb.


1 month supply, unless you’re Korean or Korean at heart.

Koloa Rum from Kauai

A little Hawaiian rum goes a long way.

Macadamia nut oil

Ultra healthy oil for high-heat cooking.

Macadamia popcorn crunch

Caution: one handful of this stuff and you’re hooked.

Beer from Maui Brewing Company

Why pay $8 a pint in a restaurant?


Flowers are always in fashion.

Portuguese sausage

Just add eggs and rice for the quintessential Hawaii breakfast.


One ingredient Hawaiian wonder food (mashed taro root).

Fresh ahi poke

All cravings lead to poke, and Costco does not disappoint.

Honolulu Cookie Company Guava Shortbread

Totally worth it!

Taro chips

A little pricey, but once you try them you’ll see why. These chips are divine!

Hawaiian macadamia nuts

All-time classic gift to bring home to all your jealous friends and family.

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