What you should know about the best time to visit Hawaii

One of the most common questions we hear about visiting Hawaii is when is the best time of year to visit?

The short answer, of course, is any time — Hawaii is an island paradise with nearly perfect year-round climate and weather, sultry scenery, great food, renewable resources, and a thriving culture.

While Hawaii doesn’t have huge seasonal swings, there are differences that come down to personal preference. Let’s have a look:

Spring (March – May)

Spring in Hawaii is a wonderful time to visit: the winter crowds and snowbirds start thinning out, the surf swells transition from the north shores to the south shores, and you can find good deals to escape the cold and drudgery of the mainland.

Hawaii spring weather can be a little bit rainy, but overall it’s sunny and in the 70s, with light tradewinds.

Notable spring events

Summer (June — August)

Come to Hawaii in the summer and you can expect a more laid-back vibe than winter. It’s warmer, drier, and most trees and flowers are in full bloom, and fruits are in season. All good surf hits the south shores.

Also, kids are on school break, and the pace of things is generally a little bit slower and more fun. Summer is also when you’ll see international visitors flocking to the islands on their summer break.

Notable summer events

Fall (September – November)

Like spring, fall in Hawaii is a shoulder season for travel, a time when you can find better deals for airfare and hotels.

October is especially a sweet month, because it’s cooled down considerably and the winter surf swells start firing up on the north and west facing shores.

Also, our humpback whale friends start arriving offshore in November to start their annual “winter vacation” (aka breeding season).

Notable fall events

Winter (December – February)

I’ve saved my favorite season for last!

Winter in Hawaii is the place to be, honestly. The summer heat is replaced by what I like to call “no temperature,” which is to say you never feel hot or cold because the temperature both indoors and outdoors is so perfect you don’t notice it.

The winter surf also brings a lively ocean energy that you can feel when you’re near the breaking waves, even if you don’t surf.

Because the mainland gets so cold and stormy, winter in Hawaii is also the most desirable time to be here, and therefore the most expensive (which is why we always advise booking months ahead of time).

Notable winter events

Image credits: Hannah Welch, Jeremy Huang, Jake Houglum, Michaela

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