Virtual postcards from an actual Maui vacation

Dreaming of Maui? Check out these “postcards” from a recent trip to the Valley Isle…then do yourself a favor book something!

Here’s the view of the west Maui mountains as the plane descends into Kahului

Maui is a celebration of sunshine, shadows, water, and plant life

The right landscaping changes everything about a place

We enjoyed fresh, hand-picked guavas, bananas, and papaya for breakfast every morning

With views like this, it’s hard to leave the house

Upcountry is nice and cool, with quaint farms and intrepid warning signs

High elevation and low oxygen at the summit of Haleakala

Beyond the beaches and jungles, Hawaii has gems like this hidden in plain sight

It’s always time and place for a shaka

In Wailea, you can watch the luau dancers at night along the beach path

And if you catch it right, the beaches aren’t that crowded (pictured: Makena)

Looking for a casual, unpretentious spot to cruise for the day? Try Napili Bay

Honolua Bay, where there are no bad days

Everywhere you go in Maui, this is pretty much what you see

Hawaiian sunsets are a brief but captivating cinematic experience

Another Maui day comes to a glorious end


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