How to spend a perfect day in Hawaii, in 18 photos

First thing: wake up and go for a sunrise swim

Then, enjoy an acai bowl for breakfast

Now get in your car and start driving

Enjoy the ride!

It’s time for a hike — pick your paradise

Cool down time

Time to hit the beach

…and meet new friends

So many beaches to choose from

Surf any?

Don’t even need waves to have fun, though

As the day winds down, take a moment to reflect on this magical place

Feel the joy of the present moment

And celebrate Hawaii!

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Image credits: Alexandra Tran, Colin + Meg, Chloe Leis, Ryan Pernofski, Jeremy Bezanger, Sebastien Gabriel, Syd Sujuaan, Look Up Look Down Photography, Cedric Letsch, Pete Gontier, Jakob Owens, Jeremy Bishop, Tom Henderson, Jason Weingardt, Katie Musial, Michael Olsen, Alan Rodriguez, Brannon Naito

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