21 calming underwater photos from Hawaii to soothe your stress

Meditation comes in many forms, and one of my favorite forms is being underwater in the ocean in Hawaii.

Being under the sea is like being in a beautiful, silent world that’s full of delight and mystery. You never know what wonders you’ll encounter.

In this post, all you need to do is enjoy and relax.

There’s a lot to love about being under the ocean

It’s beautiful and mysterious

And provides endless exploration


Or contemplation

Coming up for air isn’t so bad, either

Some people prefer to stay on the surface

For the waves

It’s fun to meet the residents

Especially the peaceful honu

They’re definitely living the life

And don’t mind hanging out with us from time to time

Let’s not forget our fish friends

They stick together, and get visitors from time to time

Some friends are better left alone

You can look but you shouldn’t touch

The ocean is full of beautiful and intelligent life!

Image credits: Jake Houglum, Jakob Owens, Stephen Leonardi, Jack Delulio, Will Rust, Sarah Lee, Srikanta H. U, Jeremy Bishop, Subtle Cinematics

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