13 Humblebrag facts about Hawaii

No big deal, we just live in one of the most exotic and beautiful places in the world.

1. Hawaii is the world’s largest island chain

Not by mass (Australia), but by area: The Hawaii Archipelago consists of over 130 scattered islands that stretch about 1,600 miles in length from the Kure Atoll in the north to the Island of Hawaii in the south.

2. Hawaii is the isolated populated place in the world

That’s 2,390 miles from California; 3,850 miles from Japan; 4,900 miles from China; and 5,280 miles from the Philippines. So if you really want to get away…

3. Hawaii is the only place in the USA that grows coffee

Being subtropical has its perks!

4. No racial or ethnic majorities

In Hawaii, everyone is a minority. Sure, we have Caucasians (aka “Haoles”), Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Filipino and Hawaiians, but many of us are mixed and most of us get along just fine 🙂

5. Haleakala is the world’s largest dormant volcano

If you don’t believe us, take a hike.

6. Parker Ranch on the Big Island is largest contiguous ranch in the USA

John Parker established Parker Ranch near Waimea around the time of King Kamehameha I. It has about 480,000 acres of land.

7. Kilauea volcano is the world’s most active volcano

The current eruption along KÄ«lauea’s Eastern Rift Zone began on January 3, 1983.

8. Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world

Wait, not Everest? Well if you measured the mountain from its base at the ocean floor to the summit, it’s over 33,000 ft.

9. Hawaii has 10 of the world’s 14 climate zones

Chances are you’ll only want one: tropical.

10. The Hawaiian alphabet only has only 12 letters

5 vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and 7 consonants (h, k, l, m, n, p, w).

11. There are no snakes, billboards or rabies in Hawaii

It makes for nicer hikes and drives. And dogs.

12. All coastline is public

Access to coastline is kind of a big deal.

13. Hawaii grows 42 acres a year

Thanks to the world’s most active volcano, the Big Island gets bigger each year. It’s not always pretty, though.


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Photo credits: NASA, Kevin Bluer, Bruce Irving, Julien Millet, Christian Joudrey, Brittani Burns, Derek Owens, makadaka, Gavin Allanwood, tess_marie, randomfactor, Annie Spratt, frank mckenna, Jeremy Bishop, Peter Vanosdall

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