How to Get Ahead in Maui Without the Beach, Sun or Ocean

Wordcamp Maui

Maui has a lot more to offer than sun, sand and surf!

5 Ways to Count Your Thanksgiving Blessings on Maui

Sometimes we have to balance all the fun with a deep sense of gratitude for everything we have.

13 Spooktacular Ways to Enjoy Halloween on Maui

There are two awesome facts about Halloween this year on Maui: It falls on a Saturday, which means you can really let loose and party, and It’s Maui — one of the best places on Earth to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve! In the midst of some midnight gravedigging, we unearthed 13 spooktacular events for you to enjoy this Halloween on… Continue reading

9 Ways to Amuse Yourself When It Rains in Maui

On Maui — don’t need to let the rain spoil your day. Here are nine amusing ways to redeem your fun time!

5 Sweet Reasons to Love Maui’s Farmers Markets

Maui farmers markets

Fresh, homegrown produce This one’s obvious, but obvious for good reason: when you eat fresh, water-based foods, you’re more likely to be healthier and more energetic. Maui’s subtropical climate makes year-round farming possible, ensuring a constant supply of fresh, healthy fruits and veggies. Few things in life are better than eating produce grown nearby! Directly support local growers Sure, you could just… Continue reading

Wayne Dyer’s Top Ten Tips for Conscious Living

On August 30, Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away suddenly at his home on Maui. For those of you who don’t know, Wayne Dyer was an orphan turned spiritual teacher, best-selling author and all around amazing human being. Anyone who followed Wayne’s life and wisdom will agree — without a doubt — that he made our world… Continue reading

7 Reasons Why I Love Being a Property Manager on Maui

Early mornings on Maui are exquisite and beautiful. Birds start the day with busy morning conversations. Hues of pink, blue, white and bright orange twirl in the sky — just like they do at sundown. Sounds idyllic, right? The reality is, I wake up most mornings with a purring cat tap-dancing on my head demanding food and attention—… Continue reading

How to Get Started Surfing on Maui, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our “Surfing on Maui” series. If you read Part 1, you’ll know that you don’t necessarily need a surfboard to go surfing. In fact, it’s often more accurate to just call it “waveriding.” Either way, this post integrates those basics of waveriding into the magic of Maui. Let’s get started! Where… Continue reading

How to Get Started Surfing on Maui, Part 1

skimboarding spray on some Maui shorebreak

Here’s something you might not to expect to hear from a surfer: “surfing sucks — don’t try it.” Why would they say that? It’s because surfing is so incredibly awesome that we surfers don’t want any more people in the lineup. More people mean fewer waves for everyone — does that make sense? The good news… Continue reading

The Truth About Vacation Rental Management

Photo of a vacation rental on Maui

“The Dream” has come true: You’ve purchased a vacation rental on Maui, which is now your second home. You are beyond ecstatic — but to stay afloat and cover your overhead expenses, you have to rent it out to vacationing guests. Now it’s time to decide if you’re going to manage the rental yourself or if… Continue reading

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