7 Excellent blogs about Hawaii aside from this one

As you can tell we LOVE blogs about Hawaii. And now it’s time to share.

5 reasons why I truly love Hawaii

How much do I love Hawaii? Let me count the ways.

The 9 most peculiar critters of Hawaii, ranked from best to worst

Get to know a few of our local creatures, ranked from terrible to awesome.

7 quick and practical tips to help you enjoy Hawaii better

Consider these words of wisdom the starting point for a most wonderful time in Hawaii.

5 ultra-handy websites to help you buy cheap air tickets (to Hawaii)

Learn how to work the airfare system in your favor.

Running a marathon soon? Try Maui!

Running a marathon is one of life’s great achievements. So why not run it in Maui?

The ultimate handy guide to Maui’s regions and towns

There’s something for everyone in Maui, from isolated rainforests to some of the classiest beachfront enclaves in the world.

The 7 best cocktails on Maui, and where to find them

You’ve been relaxing all day. Now have a drink and unwind…

How to spend a perfect day on Maui

A perfect tropical Hawaiian day, without the cliche.

11 travel gadgets for Maui worth splurging on

Take your Maui travels to the next level of comfort, convenience and organization with this top-rated travel gear.

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